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Best Time to Buy a Used Car

A current saying in the real estate industry now also applies to the automotive industry: it’s a great time to buy a car.

Particularly a used vehicle.

April 2008 was the first time in more than 20 years that cars outsold trucks and sport utility vehicles. It was the worst month in a decade in terms of new-car sales, down a full 7 percent from the previous year.

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Changes in the Used Car Market

Meanwhile, since January 2008 used car prices have risen consistently, to today’s $13,000 average. 

On the other hand, wholesale used truck prices have dropped from about $16,500 a couple of years ago to today’s $14,000 average. Read more

Wheeling Through Graduation Time

The end of spring means graduation season – and parents wishing to give something special to sons and daughters for completing years of studies.

What says “Good job!” better than a brand new car?

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What to Buy Your Graduate

Gift suggestions for recent grads are all over the media. 

The newspapers and even television executives understand the profitability of this a season.

Advertisers will pay big bucks to promote sales and deals around tassel time.

A relatively brief perusal of recent news provides insight into which type of car is best for fast-growing young adults. Read more

Women Driving the Car-Sale Market

With cars, conventional wisdom would suggest that women prefer safe vehicles, while men are drawn by power.

This generality is not always the case.

Safety and reliability are high on every car buyers list, man, woman, single or married.

More Than Just Consumers

A pretty woman with shopping bags and a hand full of cashWomen have been instrumental within the auto industry when it comes to safety. In fact, it was first lady Elizabeth Dole whose suggestion resulted in the first use of the rear-window brake light.

Not to mention that a woman invented windshield wipers.

Women also desire power in a vehicle, enough to trust over mountains, and to haul what is needed to get from place to place. They are also aware of style and color when selecting a vehicle. Read more

More Autobuyers Turning to the Warranty and Peace of Mind

It’s hard to imagine anything more frustrating to your everyday flow of life than a car failure. 

A vehicle that breaks down or won’t start is disruptive to regular daily routines and the best-laid plans.

When you can’t get to where you need to go you are forced to arrange alternative transportation. Then there’s the unknowns: the cost; and can you trust the mechanic and their recommendations?

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The Changing Face of the Warranty

Insurance to limiting your hassle is the warranty. Generally associated with new cars, warranties have grown in popularity and now often cover used cars. Read more

Used Car Power: Nearly Half of the Auto Market

Used cars is an industry that accounts for nearly half of American auto retail sales.

Believe it or not, the used car industry is actually the largest retail segment of the economy – with annual sales of up to $370 billion.

The Used Car Industry Keeps Getting Stronger

Compare that figures with other retail divisions, such as $206 billion in annual sales for school and office products, and the $291 made annually from home improvement products.

Inside of an old car with aThe industry has grown so large that in the past two decades it has been the recipient of a public relations facelift. Read more

Ol’ Dependable – Reliability Key in Used Car Sales

When buying or selling a used car, you can discuss its nice paint job, upgraded tires and a nice stereo system all you want.

However we all know that in the end reliability is the name of the game, whether you want to buy a used car, or sell one.

Maintenance is Important

woman mechanic under a carOf course a big factor in the value of a vehicle is how well it has been maintained.

With patience any buyer can find documentation about maintenance, accidents and past repair work.

A savvy buyer will also ask probing questions and take a test drive so they can get a feel for the vehicle on city streets as well as the highway. Read more

Primer for Buying a Fuel-Efficient Car

Fight Gas Prices

Gas prices continue to break records, and stories about global warming are surfacing quickly after Al Gore kick-started the trend.

Many people have decided to fight back by buying fuel-efficient cars.

Are you among them?

Buy To Suit Your Lifestyle

Sleeping BagsIf you are interested in fighting gas prices then certainly you will be interested in the fuel economy of the car you want to buy.

However there also are other factors to consider.

You won’t want to buy a compact if you have a large family, or other needs such as carrying recreational gear. Good gas mileage is worthless if you have to make 3 trips to get the whole family there. Read more

Real Secrets for Buying a Car at a Dealership

Secrets for buying at a car dealership

It’s easy to go car shopping unprepared, in fact, most of us do it that way. We tell ourself that we are just going to look, maybe test drive a few, but we never expect to buy anything that day.

Lets face it folks, many times buying a car is an impulse buy. So check out our list of secrets that can give you a leg up on the dealership, even if all you plan to do is test drive.

Things to remember:

Car dealership secrets

Do your homework
We say this all the time, and that’s because we really, really mean it. If you know your stuff dealers can’t take advantage of you. Read more

The absolute best places to buy used cars

There are good places to buy used cars

Some of them may seem unconventional, however there are places you can buy reliable used cars at decent prices. Don’t believe us? Check it out, we did some research and found the top 5 places we’d go to buy a used car.

1. Government Auction

Buying a car at Government Auction is far more exciting in theory than in reality. According to popular myth, these auctions sell cars that have been taken from criminals and impounded or used as evidence in crimes.

The truth is not so exciting, there is a very slim chance you will find that 1974 purple caddy with the chain steering wheel you’ve been after.
In reality you are far more likely to find a Ford Taurus or a Camry or another subdued sedan. The cars sold at Government auction are generally purchased in fleet for federal agencies and then sold after about two or three years of use when a new fleet is purchased. Read more

Find good cars for sale online

When the time comes to buy another vehicle the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Cars aren’t just sold in the classifieds and by dealers anymore, the web has opened up many new ways to find cars for sale in your local area.

Where to begin

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The first step is often the hardest to take, turn on your computer, go to your favorite search engine and start asking questions.

If you have a specific vehicle in mind, enter the name of it. Your results will include the official website for the make and model you seek, in addition to other websites that offer information about that specific car. Read more