Cash for Cars Selling Tips

The absolute best places to buy used cars

There are good places to buy used cars

Some of them may seem unconventional, however there are places you can buy reliable used cars at decent prices. Don’t believe us? Check it out, we did some research and found the top 5 places we’d go to buy a used car.

1. Government Auction

Buying a car at Government Auction is far more exciting in theory than in reality. According to popular myth, these auctions sell cars that have been taken from criminals and impounded or used as evidence in crimes.

The truth is not so exciting, there is a very slim chance you will find that 1974 purple caddy with the chain steering wheel you’ve been after.
In reality you are far more likely to find a Ford Taurus or a Camry or another subdued sedan. The cars sold at Government auction are generally purchased in fleet for federal agencies and then sold after about two or three years of use when a new fleet is purchased. Read more offers smart and savvy car advice

Not only will help you buy a reliable used vehicle, they also offer a one stop shop for car research and a great deal of information relating to the auto industry as a whole.

New car research

Shiny red sports car offers solid information on almost any make and model. Great for researching before you even start shopping, and handy once you have a specific vehicle in mind too.

Photos, reviews and ratings Stock and option package pricing Consumer ratings and forum discussions Resale values Handy payment calculators Incentives and deals local to your area

Simply enter your zip code and will pull up lists which will allow you to search via price range or market segment. You are then asked questions to slowly narrow down your choices until you find something that suits your needs. Read more

Internet car scams – pt. 1 Car buying scams

We all know that we must be aware when selling a vehicle, internet car buying scams are out there. Con artists will find an angle in any industry that involves large dollar signs.

Selling a car online is easier than doing it the old fashioned way, but because of the lack of physical contact with the other party it can be riskier too.

The Turley family saw through the scam

In Wayne, Arkansas Rickey Turley almost fell prey to one of these car buying scams. His father urged him to be cautious about the transaction and rightfully so because it could have gone very wrong. Read more

Auto Trader in the information age

For a long time The Auto Trader was the only big car selling service there was, your other two options were dealerships and the newspaper classifieds.

Computers have changed that and made the automobile industry more accessible to the average joe.

The beauty of logo

One of our favorite sites for research, Auto Trader finishes first in the race of vehicle websites. It’s easy to get around and it makes sense even if you aren’t a web geek.

Their menu is straightforward:

Research and compare Find your car Sell your car New cars Car loans Insurance

Simple right? It gets better because each section is well thought out, instructions are uncomplicated and results are easy. Read more

Find good cars for sale online

When the time comes to buy another vehicle the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Cars aren’t just sold in the classifieds and by dealers anymore, the web has opened up many new ways to find cars for sale in your local area.

Where to begin

Couple working in bed
The first step is often the hardest to take, turn on your computer, go to your favorite search engine and start asking questions.

If you have a specific vehicle in mind, enter the name of it. Your results will include the official website for the make and model you seek, in addition to other websites that offer information about that specific car. Read more

Check out our ad on KBB

We are proud to present our latest and greatest ad on the Kelley Blue Book website.

The Kelley Blue Book or KBB is a trusted source of market value within the automotive industry. Their pricing services are used by consumers and dealers alike, you use them and so do we. adKBB ad

KBB is one of the reasons we are able to buy your vehicle at such good prices. The information they provide is quick and accurate.

By educating you about the worth of your vehicle, they enable you to make good choices and should be consulted before you buy or sell any vehicle as a consumer. Read more

Who can resist a Car and Driver magazine?

Really, if you see a copy of Car and Driver don’t you flip through it to check out the latest and greatest of the collective automotive minds?

Originating in New York City, it was later moved to Michigan, the heartland of the American automotive history. The enthusiast rag celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2005.

Those are credentials enough to lend Car and Driver a solid perspective when it comes to reviews of anything with four wheels.

The good with the bad

Known for their ‘tell it like it is’ mentality and unabashed reviews of less than favorable vehicles, Car and Driver isn’t shy about giving a dose of the bad with the good. Read more

California DMV publications

To compliment much of the information we have offered you, the DMV offers many publications which help California drivers navigate our roadways.

Here we hoped to give you the quick version and links to any publications you may need when it comes to the DMV.

DMV Publications

California Driver Handbook
Clearly one of the most important documents the DMV offers, the Driver Handbook is a collection of all the rules and regulations drivers are expected to follow when on public roadways.

This is useful reference information for anyone expecting to take their drivers test, or for anyone who simply wants to buff up on the rules of the road. Read more

Fuel efficient vehicles with the cool factor

With the price of gas what it is lately it’s time to purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle when you purchase something new or used.

For the moment petrol is a necessary evil, however there are many makes and models geared toward prolonging every drop. If you are looking for a fuel efficient vehicle, you’ve started in the right place!

Overall Most Fuel Efficient

Toyota Prius
It comes as no surprise that the Toyota Prius is the most fuel efficient car on the road today according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Toyota took ground breaking strides in development of this model which was the first mass produced hybrid on the market. it was introduced in Japan in 1997 and later in North America in 2001. Read more