Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Donating your used car to charity

If you have a vehicle that you don’t want to bother selling, or if you simply have a big heart and want to help your fellow Americans, you have the choice of donating your vehicle to charity.

This is an option that offers a tax write off and an easy way to give back to your community, but where do you get started?

We’ve outlined the procedure here, including all of the links you’ll need to get your car donated today.

A nice tax cut return

First and foremost, in order to benefit from the used car donation tax and reduce your taxes you must itemize your deductions. If you simply make a standardized deduction, don’t donate your car expecting to be rewarded by the government. Read more

How to buy a car through the U.S. Government Auto Auctions

Any opportunity to purchase a quality vehicle at a reasonable auction cost should be investigated, so we did. Here we offer some tips and tricks to ensure that you get the best possible deal if you choose to purchase from a U.S. Government Auto Auction.

What they are selling

Lots of cars
The cars generally sold at auction are vehicles that were purchased as a fleet by the General Services Administration or GSA. They are then leased to other federal agencies and sold at auction at the end of their leasing period.

These cars are usually less than three years old and have only known moderate transport work. Ignore the horror stories you hear about vehicles being repossessed from felons and re-sold at Government auction. Read more

Tips for buying a car online without getting conned

If you consider that fraud runs within the auto industry anyway, it is easy to conceive that it would run rampant when it comes to buying vehicles online. There are so many more ways to rip an honest buyer off when there is little or no face to face contact.
Online fraud

Online services

Despite the rather large risk for fraudulent activity, the internet is selling more and more cars every year.

Online services are making a killing. Running without the added expenses of showrooms and sales staff salaries allow them to exist with much lower overhead and a much larger profit margin. Read more