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Fate of the Hummer May Rest in Eastern Hands

In a move that should make American motorists go “Hmmmmm,” Reuters reported in late August 2008 that two separate investors from the Gulf Arab region are showing interest in buying the Hummer brand from General Motors.

The Hummer has become a lightning rod for attention since people started taking global warming seriously, and in light of record-high gas prices.

People Actually Want Hummers

A HummerSo why not sell it to someone from an area that controls oil production and gas prices?

If a sale goes through, the more Hummers sold, the more gas guzzled. Read more

Marketing the Crossover to Cure the SUV Blues

It reminds me of the OP shorts boom of the early 80s. Once California teen-agers made them must-have, the race was on among surf short designers to come up with something even gnarlier.

Same goes for smaller cars today. It’s been written ad nauseum that American motorists are turning toward smaller cars and away from the beastly sport utility vehicles and trucks of the turn of the century.

Small, But Gets the Job Done

Op ShortsThe term crossover is being loosely applied to a variety of vehicles, a new marketing tool for car sellers. Consider it the corduroy shorts of the OP shorts era. Read more

Woe the Fate of SUV Owners Wishing to Sell

Many current sport-utility vehicle owners are coming to the realization that it’s not just high gas prices causing them a sting.

There are other reasons the SUV market is struggling, and at this point it is nearly impossible to sell any of them used.

Go ahead, try selling one.

Please Buy My SUV

Dodge Durango“A rude awakening at U.S. gas pumps is leading owners of large cars to another rude awakening as they try to sell their cars”, UPI reported July 2.
The bottom line is, the less the demand, the less the value.  And there is hardly a demand for buying a used sport utility vehicle. Read more

Long Live the SUV?

The sport utility vehicle must feel like rock n’ roll, it has been proclaimed dead too often to count.

Yet scarcely a week goes by without headlines about a hybrid SUV winning a “green car” award, or even an “extreme hybrid” that soon may get more than 150 miles per gallon.

The SUV has increased hipness in recent years in terms of exterior looks, and safety ratings, and even gas mileage is improving.

So why all the exaggerations about its demise?

People Are Still Talking About SUVs

Traffic“The SUV craze was a bubble and now it is bursting,” automotive economist George Hoffer told The Boston Globe recently. “It’s an irrational vehicle. It’ll never come back.” Read more

Is there such a thing as a fuel efficient truck or SUV?

Slowly but surely automobile companies are producing more fuel efficient vehicles for the public. Gas prices will see to it that it that new truck and SUV models will follow suit and introduce more economical options for those whose lifestyle requires them.

We researched some of the most fuel efficient so far and while most of the results were small SUV models offered as hybrids, never fear big truck lovers, it is a step in the right direction.

Fuel efficient SUV

Ford Escape

The highest gas mileage for an SUV award goes to the Ford Escape Hybrid, and considering it was the first hybrid SUV of its kind on the market that is quite an accomplishment. Read more