Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Cash for Used Cars – Gold on Wheels

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsThey are so widespread, they’re even starting to show up on television. We’re talking those “cash for gold” operations, asking you to send old no-longer-wanted pieces of jewelry or anything else with gold in it, in exchange for a quick payment.

It has permeated the mainstream media, including a story by the Associated Press on Oct. 21, 2008 titled “At pawn shops, the cash-strapped trade in memories.” It goes beyond pawn shops, explaining how more people are trading in their gold to deal with the challenging economic times. Read more

The Crossover Craze and What the Future May Bring

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsThe influx of so many new types of “crossover” utility vehicles – which basically means they are built on the chassis of cars, compared with old sport utility vehicles that were built truck-style, body-on-frame – raises some interesting questions.

When will used crossovers begin hitting the market, in case you’re interested in buying a new car, or have one and are selling a used car, or need cash for a used car fast?

Sure they might not be SUVs, but is the improved fuel efficiency that much better? Read more

Cash for Used Cars, Ventura County – Land of Spread-Out Cities

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsVentura County is adjacent to and north of Los Angeles County, and that’s about all they have in common. Ventura County features cities separated by farmland and open space, a decision by its residents to not to let cities grow together like what was witnessed in the San Fernando Valley.

For those seeking cash for used cars in Ventura County, this is an advantage, because without a significant public transportation system, almost every worker (and many students) need cars.

Also helping the cause to get good cash for used cars in Ventura County is a relatively small number of car dealerships. There are some behemoths in Thousand Oaks and Oxnard, but again, since the towns are so spread out they mostly cater to the immediately surrounding area. Read more

Media Reports: Great Time if You Seek Cash for Used Cars

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsAn October 2008 segment on Fox News offers insight into the current automotive sales market – especially if you’re on the lookout to sell a used car.

The story focuses on the credit crunch, and how it not only has made it difficult for potential car buyers to secure a loan, but also for auto dealers to keep funds coming in and to deal with inventory.

For those seeking cash for used cars, some of the article’s information and quotes offer great tips:

  • One used-car dealer said so far sales have been decent, but there are worries that 2008 model year used vehicles will change that.
  • “It’s the guy that was making $200,000 a year last year who’s now making $90,000 a year that’s the problem,” a general manager for a New York dealership said. “They can’t make the BMW payments anymore, so they’re turning to used Chevrolets.” Read: the market for used cars may be expanding.
  • The same dealership noted a trend of stocking up on more affordable cars. Whereas a year ago the average price was $28,000, now he wants cars that cost $15,000 to $18,000. See above: used cars might become a hot commodity very soon.

Other Roadmaps for Cash for Used Cars Cash For Cars - Cash For Used Cars Read more

Buy a New Car – Because You Saw It On TV?

 Has anyone noticed the slew of car placements on television shows this new fall season?

“Knight Rider” returned for the fall, yet this time the talking car KITT is no longer a Pontiac Trans Am as in the original 1980s series. It seems Ford pitched its case strongly, and its Shelby Mustang is now the lead character.

Chrysler secured its new Ram pickup for prominent placement on two shows: Fox-TV’s “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and on NBC’s program “America’s Toughest Jobs” reality show. The Ram also will be focused in regular advertising during the programs, of course. Read more

Insight into the Auto Auction Industry: Cash for Cars San Diego

Did you ever wonder about the amazing number of companies that really want to offer “cash for cars” – and fast?

You can find them in auto trade publications, online advertisements, sometimes over the airwaves.

Do they really want to buy your used car that badly?

Where do they get all the cash?

The services rarely ask about the condition of your used car. Cracked windshield? Front bumper dent? Headlight out? No problem!

Some are very professional; and some can come across as rather desperate.

Take, for example, one online-based company that you can find by browser searching “cash for cars San Diego.” “We’ll buy your car paid for or not,” the site states. Read more

Cash for Used Cars, Inland Empire: Just About the Best Place

 The Inland Empire of Southern California – an enormous area of land on the southeast fringe of Los Angeles County stretching as far as the eye can see eastward – has quite a car heritage.

It maintains a historical need for automobiles. It’s a huge geographical expanse anchored by few cities of large populations, such as Ontario, San Bernardino and Riverside. Everyone else is very, very spread out.

That means the Inland Empire is a densely populated area served hardly by transportation other than the automobile. So a great majority of people must totally depend on their cars. Read more

Sell a Used Car 101 – Don’t Forget the Wheels

 The business of new wheels for cars has become a multi-billion-dollar venture. Motorists more and more are swapping out old stock wheels for something with more style or for a better ride.

If you are starting the process to sell a used car and want to spruce up its look for potential buyers, there are multiple options.

Many car owners go for bigger, rather lavish new wheels for style, and to be different. With so many Toyota Camrys out on the road today, for example, and often the same color, why not make yours stick out from the crowd? Read more

Selling a Used Car that’s High on the Popularity List

Recently, Autobytel’s consumer website for all things automotive, looked into which used cars were being researched the most on its site.

The findings are valuable if you are selling a used car and your model happens to be on the list. The site also includes a neat “Expect to Pay” range which can offer guidance about what to anticipate.

To sell your car, of many factors that can come into play – mileage, condition, color, location, etc. – having a used vehicle high on any “desired list” is hugely positive. Read more

Economic Downturn Means More Seeking Cash for Used Cars in The OC

Orange County, California shined brightly starting around the turn of the century, with a World Series win by its perennial runner-up Angels, a movie and popular television shows named after it, and even the Anaheim Ducks won the hockey’s Stanley Cup.

It was so popular, it became known simply as “The OC.”

Back to the Future

A lemon on wheelsIt seems that the OC is reverting back to its mid-1990s form, with cash shortages not only by local government agencies, but also wealthy residents who made a ton off stocks or the booming housing market. Read more