Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Fate of the Hummer May Rest in Eastern Hands

In a move that should make American motorists go “Hmmmmm,” Reuters reported in late August 2008 that two separate investors from the Gulf Arab region are showing interest in buying the Hummer brand from General Motors.

The Hummer has become a lightning rod for attention since people started taking global warming seriously, and in light of record-high gas prices.

People Actually Want Hummers

A HummerSo why not sell it to someone from an area that controls oil production and gas prices?

If a sale goes through, the more Hummers sold, the more gas guzzled. Read more

California Department of Motor Vehicles Enters Political Fray

Most adult Americans believe that driving is a right as much as freedom of speech.

This belief is erroneous – driving, as they say, is a privilege and not a right – but the perception is there. Take away our cars, take away our freedom, and you’re itching for a fight.

DMV Employees Take A Stand

An angry womanSo here comes public employees of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, not showing up to work in protest of the state’s inability to pass its annual budget.

They are walking a thin line.

The protest is against elected officials who are playing partisan games and holding out to prevent more taxes, or to protect state services, take your pick. Read more

CarMax, Los Angeles and the Ever-Fluctuating Used Car Sales Market

It’s difficult to believe that it’s now been 15 years since the appearance of the first so-called “auto superstore,” CarMax, in Richmond, Virginia.

The concept, further propagated by the imitating AutoNation, took the auto sales industry into the “big box” era of gigantic retail outlets such as Wal-Mart, Costco, etc. CarMax itself started as a unit of Circuit City, until it was spun off separately in 2002.

Monster Dealership

Monster Dealers

From the began they opened as many “monster lots” as possible throughout America, and even into Canada. The lots carried more than a thousand used cars, minivans and trucks of all makes and models. Read more

Cool New Cars: To Each His Own

Most car enthusiasts enjoy learning about the cars of the future, concept cars are eagerly awaited and so is new technology.

For those of you who want to stay up on the latest news there are several ways to do it, but the easiest is probably to turn on your computer.

How Cool Can You Afford?

A beautiful woman with dark sunglassesType “cool new cars” into an Internet search engine and you might be surprised by what you find.

For example, there’s actually a site called New Cool Cars where you can click “Top 10 Coolest Cars” and wonder if you’ll ever be able to afford No. 1, the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. Read more

Selling Hyundai to the Luxury World

File this under, “What’s next, Parisian chic sold at Kmart?”

Are American motorists ready to pay luxury prices for…a Hyundai?

Enter Hyundai Genesis, which as of fall 2008 is expected to surface more and more on roads and highways in the United States.

Unknown Territory

Unknown territoryIntroduced June 2008 only in standard V6 engine format, by October buyers will be able to tap a new option for the South Korean automaker’s first V8 engine.

The original V6 model started at $33,000, and the more powerful version expected to start around $38,000. Read more

Change Your Cars Paint Color Instantly

If you are one of those people that gets tired of your car color shortly after you buy it, you’ll love this.

Imagine being able to change the color whenever you feel like it, and change it to any color you can imagine.

The technology is in the works and we may see it emerge as soon as 2010.

Human Eye

How It Works

The human eye sees different colors because of the way light is reflected off of different objects.

Using this principal, a polymer undercoating was developed which contains paramagnetic iron oxide particles. Read more

Research Proves it – Expensive Cars Really Turn Women On

An insurance company in the UK called Hiscox (yes, really) commissioned an experiment in the hopes of discovering that people really can feel a physical attraction for cars.

A strange topic to invest money in, Hiscox went on to test something Italian car owners knew all along…

The Test

A woman looking arousedThe test is simple, 40 men and women listened to recordings of three exotic Italian sports cars and one mid sized German car rev their engines.

Cars They Tested

  • Maserati
  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • Volkswagen Polo

After listening to each recording a sample of the test subjects’ saliva was collected and analyzed for testosterone levels. Read more

Leasing A Car – A Thing of The Past?

The days of renting a brand new car over the span of several years appear to be waning.

Recent news reports that major automakers and banks alike are steering business practices away from leasing vehicles.

The blame rests mostly in the fact that people aren’t interested in luxury vehicles, trucks or sport-utility vehicles much anymore.
Man playing the guitar

Loosing the Lease

These segments dominated the leased-car boom of the 1990’s into this century.

No longer, gas prices and the economy changed that, and fast.

The Washington Post reported in August 2008 that General Motors and Chrysler were scaling back or re-directing their leasing operations. Read more

Luxury Brands Have Changed How They Sell Cars

August 2008, if there ever was a bad time to bet your livelihood on selling luxury items, this is it.

Lately, so much has been written about it and free-fall car sales figures and the economy, why waste time explaining?

A woman with binocularsThe fact of the matter is, after a few years of fat sales and robust revenue figures, those who produce luxury cars are finally being forced to design and market in a brave new world.

Predicting the Future

The automotive world can be like that, designing and producing new models takes a lot of time and money. No one can predict what the market will demand in a month, let alone two years in the future. Read more

Selling a Car in Los Angeles, Where Vehicles are Plentiful

Most people when they start thinking about selling a used car begin to wonder, “Is there a buyer nearby?”

Especially in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, where up to 17 million people live within about 4,850 square miles.

Used car sales aren’t always the most lucrative, so how does someone who is trying to sell a car in Thousand Oaks market to someone in Irvine?

Los Angeles skyline at night

Selling a Car Can be Expensive

Obviously, selling a used vehicle is easier when the two parties involved can meet, look at the car and go for a test drive.

That isn’t always easy when selling a car in Los Angeles. Driving to meet prospective customers means shelling out gas money. Read more