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How to choose a hybrid vehicle

With the current trend towards hybrid technology and the push to find cleaner fuel, todays hybrid vehicles are just the beginning.

There are already quite a few options to choose from and enough of them have been produced for them to have emerged onto the used market as well.


You’d be surprised to find out just how many different types of hybrid vehicles there are on the market today.

Compact & Sedan Hybrids

Honda leads the way in this category with three existing models offered as a hybrid

The Civic The Accord A little funky looking hybrid called Insight, which Honda stopped making at the end of 2006

The Civic and Accord are popular in the American market anyway and the favorably reviewed hybrid options have been well received. Read more

Kelley Blue Book does it’s homework

We know how boring research is, especially when the information is hard to find, inefficiently organized or requires work. Websites may promise good information, but if it’s difficult to find who cares how helpful it is?
Girl at Laptop is in the process of putting together our own review section, and we promise it will be easy to use. Unfortunately until then you are stuck with the other guys.

Because we care we did put together this handy guide to our secret sources. Websites we use in our own research, all of them credible sources which are easy to navigate. Read more