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California Department of Motor Vehicles Enters Political Fray

Most adult Americans believe that driving is a right as much as freedom of speech.

This belief is erroneous – driving, as they say, is a privilege and not a right – but the perception is there. Take away our cars, take away our freedom, and you’re itching for a fight.

DMV Employees Take A Stand

An angry womanSo here comes public employees of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, not showing up to work in protest of the state’s inability to pass its annual budget.

They are walking a thin line.

The protest is against elected officials who are playing partisan games and holding out to prevent more taxes, or to protect state services, take your pick. Read more

Be an organ donor through the DMV

The DMV helps save lives with it’s organ donor program

The DMV wants to help you save a life, or two, or even ten. Their organ donor program is easy and makes sense. All you have to do is go to the California DMV website and sign up. (If you don’t drive in California, check out the organ donor program at your local DMV)

Signing up to be an Organ Donor

DMV series
The California DMV offers an online form that is quick and if you have your drivers license number memorized, you don’t even have to open your wallet to fill it out.

You can control what you donate, or you can give it all away and help as many people as possible. Read more

California DMV publications

To compliment much of the information we have offered you, the DMV offers many publications which help California drivers navigate our roadways.

Here we hoped to give you the quick version and links to any publications you may need when it comes to the DMV.

DMV Publications

California Driver Handbook
Clearly one of the most important documents the DMV offers, the Driver Handbook is a collection of all the rules and regulations drivers are expected to follow when on public roadways.

This is useful reference information for anyone expecting to take their drivers test, or for anyone who simply wants to buff up on the rules of the road. Read more

California DMV Services

There are plenty of other reasons California drivers may need the DMV. Here we provide a quick reference guide to some of their other services, many of which benefit anyone buying, selling and/or driving a vehicle.

Car Buyers Bill of Rights

It is important to note that the following information applies only to transactions with dealers or dealerships. This information should not be used as reference for private transactions, motorcycles or off-road vehicles.

DMV series

The DMV offers a section dedicated solely to car buyers. This section offers: Read more

Buying a car and the California DMV

Buying a car is a big deal so it’s important to have checklist and all of the proper paperwork information prior to shopping.

This article will help you locate the information you need to cover yourself whether you are purchasing new from a dealership or used from a private party.

Protect yourself

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The following are several tips the DMV offers to car buyers for protecting themselves during the car purchasing process:

Know that there is no ‘cooling off’ period when you purchase a vehicle from a dealership. Be aware of the laws regarding new and used car purchases. Research the vehicle you want to buy so you have a clear idea of average pricing. Read your purchase contract until you understand it, before you sign it. Read your warranty until you are satisfied you understand it. Compare interest rates, shopping can surprise you. Be aware of the DMV registration fees you will be expected to pay. Be aware that on vehicle documents if the word ‘or’ appears between the names of two co-owners that gives one the right to sell the vehicle without consulting the other. Conversely, putting ‘and’ (or a /) between the names of both owners indicates the necessity for both parties to sign off on the sale of the vehicle. Last, if you are going to buy a vehicle out of state, be sure you know about any restrictions first.

Purchasing a car from a private party

Smiling girl with car keys

Obviously there are big differences in the way you must handle a transaction with a private seller as opposed to a dealership purchase. Read more

Registration renewal at the California DMV

Once yearly the California motorist must renew their registration with the state for the vehicle they drive. Something that is heavily taxed when late and evident to all when expired.

Obviously the technical age being upon us makes it a more manageable task to accomplish with plenty of information on the web to answer questions.

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Renew your registration online

Perhaps the easiest option requires no interaction with any of the bureaucracy associated with the Department. In order to renew your registration with the California DMV you must have three things: Read more

Renewing your license at the California DMV

Renewing is not as difficult as it used to be. In part probably to keep down wait time in the high volume DMVs of California.

By mail, internet or in person are the three options the DMV in California offers. If used right, each of these methods is a good option.

DMV series

Mail renewal

Good old fashioned snail mail works just fine if it saves us a trip to the DMV.

However it is important to start the mail renewal process at least 60 days prior to your license expiration date to ensure there is no lapse.

To be eligible you must: Read more

How to take a drivers test at the DMV

Everyone has a DMV horror story, it is a place most of us will put off visiting until we absolutely have to. Unfriendly employees, long lines and a heavy dose of bureaucracy all lend to the institutional feel within the DMV walls. We want to help you you to accomplish all things DMV.

DMV series
They may not make it easy, but we do.

The following is just the first in a series of articles pertaining to DMV processes, including tips to make them easier and options you may not know you have.

Prepare for your DMV drivers test

The first tip the DMV gives in its list of ways to prepare for taking their drivers test is get enough practice. Should go without saying, but they say it anyway. Read more

The DMV Series – An introduction

Everyone has to deal with the DMV at some point or another, it is a necessary evil in todays society. Whether you are buying or selling a car, renewing your license or taking your drivers test.

If you sell to us it’s easy

When you sell your car to us at, we handle the DMV for you, a handy part of our service our customers appreciate.

We can’t do it all

However, we can’t take your drivers test for you, so we decided we would offer a series of articles devoted especially to the DMV, and its processes.

DMV series

We will offer you: Read more

Selling a car and the California DMV

Selling a car in California and the California DMV can seem overwhelming, so many bases to cover. If you choose an online service like ours to sell your car, the paperwork is part of the deal, we handle the DMV for you.

If you choose to sell using another avenue, you are on your own.

DMV series
Here are some tips to help get you through it.

First things first, do you need a smog certificate?

When you sell a car, you must change the title to a new owner. When you do this through the DMV they will require proof of smog certification in the state of California unless your vehicle is: Read more