Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Consumer Reports serves up car reviews like it’s their job

They are trusted because that is all they do, review products. Generally the well established, well known names are the way to go when it comes to reading any type of review.

Trusting information about something as pricey as a vehicle requires good sourcing, sound facts, and unbiased advice.

Targeted help

Consumer Reports goes one step further by offering information about new vehicles and used vehicles.

Under the new category they provide:

Their top picks for the year A road test guide Previews of newest cars they can get their hands on to review

Conversely, under the used category they provide:

Best and worst lists A review list of cars A to Z An owner satisfaction section noting cars people they surveyed would purchase again

Handy unbiased advice

Consumer reports prides themselves on the fact that they accept no advertising, or free samples and that they purchase each car, which they test above and beyond to provide a real in-depth review. Read more

Sport a hybrid sticker and ride alone in the carpool lane

You see them frequently, people in hybrid cars flying solo in the carpool lane.

Those who purchase environmentally friendly cars get more than just tax breaks, they get a break during rush hour traffic as well.

Clean air sticker

The DMV issues these hybrid stickers for vehicles that meet their specified emissions standards.

They are not issued to the driver, but the vehicle itself, hybrid stickers are non-transferrable and stay with the car for it’s life.

The sticker plan

Couple infront of their car
It seems that part of the reason the DMV decided to allow hybrid vehicles into the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes is because studies were showing the lanes operating at two thirds of projected capacity. Read more

Branding and its effect on resale values

Which brands hold their value?

Realistically some automobile brands will stand up better than others to the test of time and continuous use.

In many respects the old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ will always hold true.

However, the exception makes the rule and if you consider the long standing reputation of the Jaguar brand and its many maintenance problems you realize that sometimes rules are broken.

Here we will review several of the brands that can offer you the highest resale value for your automobile.

Toyota Read more

The importance of used car depreciation rates

When buying or selling a used vehicle there are many different issues to take into consideration, however residual value and used car depreciation rates are usually high on the list.

When selecting which vehicle to purchase it is important to know which makes and models retain their value, and on the flip side when selling a car it is important to get the best possible price.


Infact used car depreciation rates is something worth researching before letting any large sum of money change hands for an automobile. Read more

Your guide to crash test ratings


Since 1978 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA has been crash-testing vehicles under controlled circumstances in America.

Based on three different tests, this allows them the authority to give ratings in the form of a star system based upon their findings for individual makes and models.

American auto manufacturers safety efforts are in large part due to the results of these tests.
Crash dummy


The National Organization for Automotive Safety & Victims’ Aid or OSA assess the overall safety of the highest selling makes and models in Japan. Read more

What the color of your car says about you

Our lives are filled with color, from our carpet to our walls, our clothing to our transportation color is a large part of life.

Everyone has colors they are partial to, Color wheeland colors they can’t stand to look upon.

If you think about it, the color you choose for your automobile can say a lot about you as a person.

We researched a bit about color and how it translates to personality.


Yellow is a color generally associated with sunny optimism, warmth, and a verve for life.
Ford Ranger

A yellow car would signify cheery idealism and an extroverted personality in its driver. With most brands the main yellow seller would be the sports cars, flashy and fast. Read more

Always take it for a test drive

When you go to buy an automobile, new or used, the test drive is of the utmost importance. This should go without saying, however some are so concerned with the way a car looks they neglect to experience the cockpit in a through manner.

Where should you test

In many instances, such as buying new from a dealership the salesman will have a pre-planned area for test driving cars with potential customers. Many salesmen will hope that the test drive will sell the car even if they couldn’t talk you into buying. However this limits your experience because chances are the pre-planned route is flat and dull. When you consider that all walks of life test drive cars, they have to limit their liability. Read more

5 Ways NOT to buy a lemon

Let’s face it, buying a car can be just as much of a headache as selling one. Here we have compiled some tips which will guide you so you don’t end up paying into a money pit for years to come.

1. Do your research

Knowledge is power, so the more you know the better.


Generally people have an idea of what they need in an automobile. Narrow it down as far as you can before you begin; Do you need space for kids? Do you need to tow a boat? Once you have a distinct type in mind consider your brand options and eliminate any that don’t suit your specific needs. Read more