Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Evidence of a Down Economy: Car Dealers in the News

Blame high gas prices, the economy, global warming – whatever, the truth is today in mid-2008 few people are spending money. 

Businesses are noticing and reacting.

Making Headlines

A cursory view of recent headlines involving auto dealerships offers a glimpse.

Man squatting to read newspaper headlinesGiving away gas cards with car sales has become so common, some dealers upped the ante.

Here are some of the offers out there

  • A Missouri car dealer has offered car buyers a free handgun or a $250 gas card
  • In the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida dealership offers a years worth of gas with purchase
  • A Suzuki ad offers $470 worth of gas for the summer with new car purchase
  • A Chrysler dealership was seen offering gas for $2.99 a gallon for three years with some of their models

The car sales industry is following a growing trend by getting creative to keep their share of the market in a falling economy. Read more

Used Car Power: Nearly Half of the Auto Market

Used cars is an industry that accounts for nearly half of American auto retail sales.

Believe it or not, the used car industry is actually the largest retail segment of the economy – with annual sales of up to $370 billion.

The Used Car Industry Keeps Getting Stronger

Compare that figures with other retail divisions, such as $206 billion in annual sales for school and office products, and the $291 made annually from home improvement products.

Inside of an old car with aThe industry has grown so large that in the past two decades it has been the recipient of a public relations facelift. Read more

Ol’ Dependable – Reliability Key in Used Car Sales

When buying or selling a used car, you can discuss its nice paint job, upgraded tires and a nice stereo system all you want.

However we all know that in the end reliability is the name of the game, whether you want to buy a used car, or sell one.

Maintenance is Important

woman mechanic under a carOf course a big factor in the value of a vehicle is how well it has been maintained.

With patience any buyer can find documentation about maintenance, accidents and past repair work.

A savvy buyer will also ask probing questions and take a test drive so they can get a feel for the vehicle on city streets as well as the highway. Read more

Old Reliable: the Toyota Camry as a Top Used Car

Two blondes from California were in the midst of a 300-mile drive to a ski resort, in a six-year-old Toyota Camry sedan, maintaining a steady 80 miles per hour.

The younger blonde said, “Listen to that, the engine just purrs like a kitten.”

Blonde girl blowing a bubbleThe older blonde, driving, said: “Imagine how it would sound if I changed the oil or even popped the hood the past year!”

Nothing Has Changed

That was in the mid-1990s. It seems Toyota’s midsize sedan just keeps getting better, and has solidified a reputation for a quiet ride and reliability. Read more

Selling Cars Today – the Green Trend

Watching the automotive industry try to “catch up” on its environmental public image is like monitoring the progress of land developers for the past 25 years.

With a product intrinsically unfriendly to the environment, carmakers are trying hard to convince consumers that their vehicles are indeed “green.”

Green Business is Here To Stay

girl holding green globeOver the past few years the automotive industry seems to have made a full commitment to the green movement, pushed – not merely nudged – by factors such as consumer demand, the widespread global warming debate and gas costs. Read more

Automakers Rolling Dice with Partnerships

A few days apart in April 2008, four major automakers made announcements about two separate partnerships between them. 

The proclamations were not so stimulating for car buyers, but these alliances definitely deserve a closer look.

One Big Happy Family

Image from Diesel Station

The Toyota Subaru sports carFirst, officials for Toyota and Subaru said the Japanese automakers will team to develop a sports car with a box engine, which we will see hopefully around 2011.

Days later, and probably more interestingly, Nissan and Chrysler announced that they will be producing cars for each other. Read more

The Holy Grail of Automotive Trends, and More

As the 2008 model year season approaches its end in the automotive world, we can look back and clearly see certain future trends emerging. 

One of them can be considered the Holy Grail for car owners: getting 100 miles per gallon or even more.

Trends of Tomorrow

Interior TechnologyIt seems pretty far-fetched, but industry insiders continue to talk and write about it. 

While that certainly would be the most eye-catching development, several other trends emerged in 2007 and 2008 and continue to solidify.

Among the important trends are Read more

Toyota Tacoma – Staying Atop the List of Used Compact Trucks

When it comes to comparing the best used compact trucks to buy or sell, the Toyota Tacoma often tops the list. 

The reasons are evident, a strong reputation for reliability, a mother company known for delivering quality vehicles, and plenty of choices. 

Buyers envy these attributes, and sellers are aware of the demand.

Built to Last

Image from Wiki Cars
Durability and quality are important to consider for Toyota Tacomas purchased this century. 

Toyota TacomaGas prices are driving owners to sell their SUVs and pickup trucks, and used car buyers don’t want to take unreliability along with large bills at the pump.  Read more

Long Live the SUV?

The sport utility vehicle must feel like rock n’ roll, it has been proclaimed dead too often to count.

Yet scarcely a week goes by without headlines about a hybrid SUV winning a “green car” award, or even an “extreme hybrid” that soon may get more than 150 miles per gallon.

The SUV has increased hipness in recent years in terms of exterior looks, and safety ratings, and even gas mileage is improving.

So why all the exaggerations about its demise?

People Are Still Talking About SUVs

Traffic“The SUV craze was a bubble and now it is bursting,” automotive economist George Hoffer told The Boston Globe recently. “It’s an irrational vehicle. It’ll never come back.” Read more

Attention to Details Helps in Selling a Used Car

You finally solidified the decision to sell your used car on your own, so now’s the time to think about how best to complete the sale. 

You want the best price possible, as well as a seamless transaction. 

This means giving your vehicle some TLC, and getting your paperwork in order.

It’s Got to Be Clean

Women Washing CarFirst things first, make sure your used car looks good. Yes, you have to clean it completely. You have two options, do it yourself or pay someone else.

Pay Someone Else to Do It

If you don’t trust your own car-cleaning abilities or just feel lazy, it isn’t too costly to let someone else do it. Read more