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Model Year 2009 – What it Means in Selling a Used Car

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsIt’s deep into fall 2008, with the winter and New Year fast approaching, so model year 2009 cars have been on roadways for weeks. What can we gather about the new models, and how might it affect both buying a new car and selling a used car?

Style changes have proved historically significant for many auto models. Think Ford Mustang from 1973-on – compared with the classic 1960s models before them. It took Ford many years to learn from its mistake(s); and those who owned older versions were disinclined to sell a used car. Read more

Post-Election Impacts to Selling a Used Car, Buying a Car

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsThe results of the Presidential election this month has the automotive industry cautiously optimistic that new actions may help boost sales figures that sagged greatly the previous two months.

In fact, Barrack Obama’s new chief of staff mentioned the car industry specifically in an interview on the television program “Face the Nation,” calling it “an essential part of the economy.” Rahm Emanuel said the federal government should provide aid to the automobile industry to help the major automakers and their supplies survive the financial crisis, the New York Times reported. Read more

The End of the Year and Selling Used Cars

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsMany people dismiss the last two months of the year when it comes to buying a new car, or even a different car even it that means pre-owned. The holidays and all the small-item gift purchases beckon, property owners face year-end property tax payments, and there is just too much going on to consider a high-end purchase.

That may not be wise thinking, ultimately. For one, the way the car sales market is down today, you just might find a killer deal to buy a car. On the other side, selling a used car today means most likely a strong demand (and therefore good payments), as more and more people are holding onto their used cars longer. Read more

Selling a Used Car with the Customer Service Advantage

The task of selling a used car today seems to have gotten easier. New-car sales are in the dump, and car dealerships are more apt to offer better deals than during the harried economic climate at the start of the century.

Add this to the pros if you’re in the market to sell a used car: customer service. Those who buy cars for a living are treating sellers and buyers alike much better.

Reports in the media abound. Said an auto dealership co-owner to the St. Petersburg Times in Florida in early November, 2008: “We know customers are the most important aspect, they are our lifeblood. Our job is to make customers happy, and then they keep coming back. They feel they know us, they trust us. It’s not like an adversarial scenario. They pick out car, and we see what we can do to make a good deal.” Read more

Most Wonderful Time of the Year – to Sell a Used Car

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – if you’re on the lookout to buy a new car, that is. And it’s a great time to get cash for used cars, to use toward a newer model or even a brand new vehicle. Here is why.

Many automakers each November or December launch a “red tag” sale, or other incentives to boost sales as the new model year begins and before the holiday season when most families are focused on smaller purchases.

If you were thinking about getting some cash for used cars, or just selling your one used vehicle to position yourself to purchase a different car, the timing couldn’t be better. Read more

Selling a Used Car Based on Reliability

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsIn selling a used car, reliability plays a huge role, regardless whether you’re selling an old Volkswagen bug, or a relatively new and shiny Lexus.

At the start of each new model year each fall, Consumer Reports, a trusted source for all things consumer, releases its Car Reliability Survey. Not all car owners stash away the survey because most owners have no idea when they might be selling a used car.

But its results can be telltale whether your used car sale will go smoothly, or if you’re in for a prolonged effort. Read more

The Crossover Craze and What the Future May Bring

Cash For Cars - Cash For Used CarsThe influx of so many new types of “crossover” utility vehicles – which basically means they are built on the chassis of cars, compared with old sport utility vehicles that were built truck-style, body-on-frame – raises some interesting questions.

When will used crossovers begin hitting the market, in case you’re interested in buying a new car, or have one and are selling a used car, or need cash for a used car fast?

Sure they might not be SUVs, but is the improved fuel efficiency that much better? Read more

Cash for Used Cars, Inland Empire: Just About the Best Place

 The Inland Empire of Southern California – an enormous area of land on the southeast fringe of Los Angeles County stretching as far as the eye can see eastward – has quite a car heritage.

It maintains a historical need for automobiles. It’s a huge geographical expanse anchored by few cities of large populations, such as Ontario, San Bernardino and Riverside. Everyone else is very, very spread out.

That means the Inland Empire is a densely populated area served hardly by transportation other than the automobile. So a great majority of people must totally depend on their cars. Read more

Economic Downturn Means More Seeking Cash for Used Cars in The OC

Orange County, California shined brightly starting around the turn of the century, with a World Series win by its perennial runner-up Angels, a movie and popular television shows named after it, and even the Anaheim Ducks won the hockey’s Stanley Cup.

It was so popular, it became known simply as “The OC.”

Back to the Future

A lemon on wheelsIt seems that the OC is reverting back to its mid-1990s form, with cash shortages not only by local government agencies, but also wealthy residents who made a ton off stocks or the booming housing market. Read more

How to Get Cash for Used Cars in Oxnard, Ventura County’s Biggest City

 In Ventura County, Calif., if you need to sell a car fast, for cash, Oxnard weighs heavy because it has the most people of the county’s 10 incorporated cities.

Getting cash for used cars in Oxnard means you have a diverse population to tap, from people living in wealthy enclaves along the beach to suburban tracts on the outskirts to a quaint (and revitalizing) downtown core.

The city is home to thousands of cars because it is limited in transportation options. Most residents must drive often, whether to and from work, or just to shop or enjoy recreation opportunities.

Oxnard is rather spread out, so just getting from one end of town to the other can challenge your navigational skills – and patience depending on what time of day you need to do it. Read more