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Ford Flexing Muscles for 2009 Model Year

Ford’s Flex, a full-size crossover just hitting showrooms summer 2008, has created a considerable buzz among automotive journalists.

It’s both difficult and easy to understand the interest in this vehicle.

This is an American automaker rolling out a brand new vehicle which is essentially built to move lots of people that looks like a sport utility vehicle.

Does America Have Room For Another CUV?

A headline that reads Frugal Gas-GuzzlersOur question is this: Wait, isn’t the SUV dying a slow death due to high gas prices?
Sure, it’s a crossover, which results in better fuel economy, but enough to entice prospective new-car buyers to return to big? Read more

Toyota’s Gamble on the Scion

Urban utility vehicle.

What the heck is that?

Well, that’s what Toyota unveiled in 2003 with the Scion – using a word to name their newest product that means heir or descendant.

The idea was to target 18- to 34-year olds by offering the fun and affordable Scion, then introduce them to all Toyota products.

Good idea, fantastic timing

Don’t Let the Looks Fool You

Scion ModelOf course, Toyota fell into the Infiniti trap of strange names with no vowels – Scion today has three models, the xB, tc and xD.

But the timing of this new car is so great, because of its real size, and value of its interior space along with good fuel economy. Read more

New Malibu Changing the Way Chevrolet Thinks

When the Chevrolet Malibu was named the North American Car of the Year at the Detroit auto show at the start of 2008, some car-watchers were left scratching their head.

What was a nearly 50-year old car, a former muscle car at that, doing taking the top prize at a car show in the auto heartland of America?

The Malibu’s Big Makeover

A woman holding makeup brushesThe Malibu gets an overhaul pretty regularly for years that end with an “8” –  2008 being no different.

This time around Chevrolet went all out, and the results were evident: a sales jump of 23% in 2008. Read more

Infiniti and the Numbers Game

Maybe it’s time for Infiniti to shy away from using only alphanumeric names.

After all, it isn’t exactly the best time for consumers looking into luxury cars. They might as well attach sexy names to the vehicles, right?

Yet Infiniti holds firm, presenting a lineup of high-quality vehicles with the intent of competing with Lexus, BMW, Acura and Audi. 

Infinity and Beyond

A woman flying over a city dressed as a superheroInfiniti was born in 1990 as Nissan’s luxury division – as Acura is for Honda, and Lexus for Toyota.

The Japanese automaker continues to shoot for the best in quality and performance. Read more

Toyota Yaris: Just Keeps Going, and Going, and…

“Users” of Yahoo! Auto recently ranked the 2008 Toyota Yaris as their preferred vehicle.

Of five possible stars, these folks gave the Yaris a 4.5 overall score – in fact, the Yaris attained the same score in all areas, including appearance, comfort, performance, and value.

With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranging from $11,550 to $14,650, and fuel economy from 29 to 36 miles per gallon, it’s easy to see why the little car is popular with many people.

A Bug’s Life

A close up of an antHowever it’s a vehicle that literally looks like a bug – not the classic Volkswagen version, either. Read more offers smart and savvy car advice

Not only will help you buy a reliable used vehicle, they also offer a one stop shop for car research and a great deal of information relating to the auto industry as a whole.

New car research

Shiny red sports car offers solid information on almost any make and model. Great for researching before you even start shopping, and handy once you have a specific vehicle in mind too.

Photos, reviews and ratings Stock and option package pricing Consumer ratings and forum discussions Resale values Handy payment calculators Incentives and deals local to your area

Simply enter your zip code and will pull up lists which will allow you to search via price range or market segment. You are then asked questions to slowly narrow down your choices until you find something that suits your needs. Read more

Auto Trader in the information age

For a long time The Auto Trader was the only big car selling service there was, your other two options were dealerships and the newspaper classifieds.

Computers have changed that and made the automobile industry more accessible to the average joe.

The beauty of logo

One of our favorite sites for research, Auto Trader finishes first in the race of vehicle websites. It’s easy to get around and it makes sense even if you aren’t a web geek.

Their menu is straightforward:

Research and compare Find your car Sell your car New cars Car loans Insurance

Simple right? It gets better because each section is well thought out, instructions are uncomplicated and results are easy. Read more – an entirely online approach

As the internet develops, so does its interest within the auto industry.

The knowledge consumers have access to on the internet enhances the entire scope of the market, giving everyone a fighting chance at getting a good deal. capitalizes on that and gives the average customer above average info.

Credible option

Both Consumer Reports and The Blue Book have years invested in the reviewing of their product. However the beauty of online services like is their innovation and the resulting ‘Information age’ edge. Read more

Consumer Reports serves up car reviews like it’s their job

They are trusted because that is all they do, review products. Generally the well established, well known names are the way to go when it comes to reading any type of review.

Trusting information about something as pricey as a vehicle requires good sourcing, sound facts, and unbiased advice.

Targeted help

Consumer Reports goes one step further by offering information about new vehicles and used vehicles.

Under the new category they provide:

Their top picks for the year A road test guide Previews of newest cars they can get their hands on to review

Conversely, under the used category they provide:

Best and worst lists A review list of cars A to Z An owner satisfaction section noting cars people they surveyed would purchase again

Handy unbiased advice

Consumer reports prides themselves on the fact that they accept no advertising, or free samples and that they purchase each car, which they test above and beyond to provide a real in-depth review. Read more