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What is Depreciation and Why Do I Care?

Recently the National Automobile Dealers Association issued a media release stating that premium luxury vehicles hold the highest annual depreciation rate among automobiles.

Not a surprise, really, considering luxury cars start with high prices, and recent consumer preference for spending less on smaller vehicles due to gas prices.

Lasting Luxury

The NADA Official Used Car Guide data shows premium luxury coupes and sedans held four of the top 10 spots for vehicle depreciation for the year, with an average replacement rate of 43%. Read more

Save money, drive your car to death

Driving your car to the end can save you money

Let’s face it, most of us would upgrade the vehicle if we could. Very few people drive their dream car, only the lucky ones really.

It makes sense that as we make our way down the path of life we will continue to upgrade the vehicle that carries us much of the time.

Consumer Reports uncovered some interesting facts that every car owner should be aware of.

You could save some serious cash

Save moneyKeeping your car for 15 years or for 225,000 miles can save you over 30 grand. It turns out that most people trade in about every five years so these findings are based on upgrading to a new, identical model every five years. Read more

Branding and its effect on resale values

Which brands hold their value?

Realistically some automobile brands will stand up better than others to the test of time and continuous use.

In many respects the old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ will always hold true.

However, the exception makes the rule and if you consider the long standing reputation of the Jaguar brand and its many maintenance problems you realize that sometimes rules are broken.

Here we will review several of the brands that can offer you the highest resale value for your automobile.

Toyota Read more

The importance of used car depreciation rates

When buying or selling a used vehicle there are many different issues to take into consideration, however residual value and used car depreciation rates are usually high on the list.

When selecting which vehicle to purchase it is important to know which makes and models retain their value, and on the flip side when selling a car it is important to get the best possible price.


Infact used car depreciation rates is something worth researching before letting any large sum of money change hands for an automobile. Read more