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Registration renewal at the California DMV

Once yearly the California motorist must renew their registration with the state for the vehicle they drive. Something that is heavily taxed when late and evident to all when expired.

Obviously the technical age being upon us makes it a more manageable task to accomplish with plenty of information on the web to answer questions.

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Renew your registration online

Perhaps the easiest option requires no interaction with any of the bureaucracy associated with the Department. In order to renew your registration with the California DMV you must have three things: Read more – an entirely online approach

As the internet develops, so does its interest within the auto industry.

The knowledge consumers have access to on the internet enhances the entire scope of the market, giving everyone a fighting chance at getting a good deal. capitalizes on that and gives the average customer above average info.

Credible option

Both Consumer Reports and The Blue Book have years invested in the reviewing of their product. However the beauty of online services like is their innovation and the resulting ‘Information age’ edge. Read more

Renewing your license at the California DMV

Renewing is not as difficult as it used to be. In part probably to keep down wait time in the high volume DMVs of California.

By mail, internet or in person are the three options the DMV in California offers. If used right, each of these methods is a good option.

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Mail renewal

Good old fashioned snail mail works just fine if it saves us a trip to the DMV.

However it is important to start the mail renewal process at least 60 days prior to your license expiration date to ensure there is no lapse.

To be eligible you must: Read more

How to take a drivers test at the DMV

Everyone has a DMV horror story, it is a place most of us will put off visiting until we absolutely have to. Unfriendly employees, long lines and a heavy dose of bureaucracy all lend to the institutional feel within the DMV walls. We want to help you you to accomplish all things DMV.

DMV series
They may not make it easy, but we do.

The following is just the first in a series of articles pertaining to DMV processes, including tips to make them easier and options you may not know you have.

Prepare for your DMV drivers test

The first tip the DMV gives in its list of ways to prepare for taking their drivers test is get enough practice. Should go without saying, but they say it anyway. Read more

The DMV Series – An introduction

Everyone has to deal with the DMV at some point or another, it is a necessary evil in todays society. Whether you are buying or selling a car, renewing your license or taking your drivers test.

If you sell to us it’s easy

When you sell your car to us at, we handle the DMV for you, a handy part of our service our customers appreciate.

We can’t do it all

However, we can’t take your drivers test for you, so we decided we would offer a series of articles devoted especially to the DMV, and its processes.

DMV series

We will offer you: Read more

Happy Easter from the folks at!

Where did the Easter Bunny and its basket of eggs come from anyway?

In ancient Egypt and Persia the egg and was a symbol of new life, the exchange of eggs a tradition symbolic of rebirth. Rabbits also symbolized rebirth to the Egyptians, to them the rabbit was a symbol of the moon.

That symbolism perservered into modern times and was adopted by Christianity to help celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The Easter Bunny delivers the eggs and the date of Easter itself is determined by the phases of the moon. Read more

Selling a car and the California DMV

Selling a car in California and the California DMV can seem overwhelming, so many bases to cover. If you choose an online service like ours to sell your car, the paperwork is part of the deal, we handle the DMV for you.

If you choose to sell using another avenue, you are on your own.

DMV series
Here are some tips to help get you through it.

First things first, do you need a smog certificate?

When you sell a car, you must change the title to a new owner. When you do this through the DMV they will require proof of smog certification in the state of California unless your vehicle is: Read more

Les Kelley and his Blue Book

Everyone has heard of the Blue Book, the Bible of car pricing. Seriously, who hasn’t checked the Blue Book value of their own car?

Ever wondered how it all started? How the Bible of car prices came to be a guide used by banks, car dealerships and consumers alike as the market value guide for all things automotive?Blue trailer

We did a little research and decided to share the inspiring story of Les Kelley and his brother Buster.

The Kelley Roots

Les Kelley was a guy with an affinity for mechanics, in fact he used his understanding of all things mechanical to earn his way through college. He bought old cars, reconditioned them and sold them for a profit. Read more

Make sure your car seat is worth strapping your kids into

Our kids are our most prized possession, naturally we want to make sure we keep them as safe as possible in their car seat while in transit. Not everyone is the prudent driver you are, so it’s important to know that your child is as protected against chance as possible.

In other words, don’t buy your car seat on impulse because it’s on sale at K-Mart.


Car seat research

The importance of research when it comes to purchasing the perfect child seat cannot be stressed enough. Every child is different, every car is different and every situation is different so there is no cut and dry formula. Read more