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Time of the Season – Out and About in a Convertible

Summertime is a great time to head out on a road trip, see some sights and blow off steam in a weekend getaway.

What’s better than doing it in a convertible?

Kelley Blue Book’s Top 25 Convertibles

Woman in a convertible
Kelley Blue Book recently listed its top 25 convertible models, starting with the pack leader, the Ford Mustang.

Some entrants are surprising, others not so much. They all bring to the table a feature or two attractive to all sorts of drivers, from more engine oomph to powerful sound systems to enjoy tunes while rolling down the highway in the open air. Read more

KBB offers their expert advice

With KBB’s advice how can you go wrong?

Of all of the car sites worth checking out to learn about different vehicles KBB is on the ‘yes’ list.

Have questions about buying or selling a vehicle? Or are you just curious about all things automotive?

The advice section of the Kelley Blue Book website offers a whole range of helpful information.
Woman thinking

The blue book has history

It is no secret that KBB has been in the business for a long time. The story of Les Kelley is both interesting and inspiring.

Their history and experience in the automotive industry means that the information they provide will always be worth a read. Read more

Check out our ad on KBB

We are proud to present our latest and greatest ad on the Kelley Blue Book website.

The Kelley Blue Book or KBB is a trusted source of market value within the automotive industry. Their pricing services are used by consumers and dealers alike, you use them and so do we. adKBB ad

KBB is one of the reasons we are able to buy your vehicle at such good prices. The information they provide is quick and accurate.

By educating you about the worth of your vehicle, they enable you to make good choices and should be consulted before you buy or sell any vehicle as a consumer. Read more

Kelley Blue Book does it’s homework

We know how boring research is, especially when the information is hard to find, inefficiently organized or requires work. Websites may promise good information, but if it’s difficult to find who cares how helpful it is?
Girl at Laptop is in the process of putting together our own review section, and we promise it will be easy to use. Unfortunately until then you are stuck with the other guys.

Because we care we did put together this handy guide to our secret sources. Websites we use in our own research, all of them credible sources which are easy to navigate. Read more

Les Kelley and his Blue Book

Everyone has heard of the Blue Book, the Bible of car pricing. Seriously, who hasn’t checked the Blue Book value of their own car?

Ever wondered how it all started? How the Bible of car prices came to be a guide used by banks, car dealerships and consumers alike as the market value guide for all things automotive?Blue trailer

We did a little research and decided to share the inspiring story of Les Kelley and his brother Buster.

The Kelley Roots

Les Kelley was a guy with an affinity for mechanics, in fact he used his understanding of all things mechanical to earn his way through college. He bought old cars, reconditioned them and sold them for a profit. Read more