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Fuel Efficiency

Toyota’s Gamble on the Scion

Urban utility vehicle.

What the heck is that?

Well, that’s what Toyota unveiled in 2003 with the Scion – using a word to name their newest product that means heir or descendant.

The idea was to target 18- to 34-year olds by offering the fun and affordable Scion, then introduce them to all Toyota products.

Good idea, fantastic timing

Don’t Let the Looks Fool You

Scion ModelOf course, Toyota fell into the Infiniti trap of strange names with no vowels – Scion today has three models, the xB, tc and xD.

But the timing of this new car is so great, because of its real size, and value of its interior space along with good fuel economy. Read more

Judging Cars Based on the Pollutant Factor

During consumers’ current shift from large trucks and sport utility vehicles to cars – and smaller ones at that – gas prices dominate the blame.

But another factor exists in the conscience of many Americans: pollution.

Sure, getting more miles per gallon is attractive to almost every driver. But today thanks to several factors more and more motorists are appreciating those vehicles with the lowest emissions.

Mother Earth Has Not Been Forgotten

A close up of a woman's eye with a globe as the irisThat said, which cars are the least attractive to the environmentally friendly driver? Read more

Toyota Yaris: Just Keeps Going, and Going, and…

“Users” of Yahoo! Auto recently ranked the 2008 Toyota Yaris as their preferred vehicle.

Of five possible stars, these folks gave the Yaris a 4.5 overall score – in fact, the Yaris attained the same score in all areas, including appearance, comfort, performance, and value.

With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranging from $11,550 to $14,650, and fuel economy from 29 to 36 miles per gallon, it’s easy to see why the little car is popular with many people.

A Bug’s Life

A close up of an antHowever it’s a vehicle that literally looks like a bug – not the classic Volkswagen version, either. Read more

Solar-Powering the Automobile?

A recent leak from Toyota Motor Corp revealed the Japanese company’s plans to put solar panels on some Prius hybrid vehicles during its next remodeling, expected in 2009.

Solar power in cars? Sure, it’s only to power a portion of the air-conditioning on fully loaded Prius versions, but an interesting concept nonetheless.

Certainly it’s food for thought today when record high gas prices and a burgeoning desire for more “green” cars has many car lovers looking for the next big thing.

Is Solar Power Realistic?

2 hair-dryers2 hair-dryersIt’s very doubtful that solar power is the next big thing for cars. Solar panels are expensive, and storing the energy is not easy. Read more

Feds to Skyrocket Prices of New Cars?

Previously this blog discussed the true overall cost of owning a car, everything from initial purchase price to gas to maintenance, repairs and more.

One thing we forgot: ever-changing government regulations.

The Associated Press reported July 1 that a lobbying group of automakers are protesting a federal agency’s goal to increase fuel economy standards significantly by 2015.

Such stories often go unnoticed by the motoring public because people tend to think anything beyond 2009 is a long ways off. Read more

Honda Stays Small to Grow Big

Honda LogoIn May 2008, an amazing thing occurred in the automotive industry: the Honda Civic was declared the best-selling vehicle in America.

For eons, it seemed, Ford’s F-Series trucks claimed the throne.

No longer. Consumers have reacted strongly to rising gas prices and are going smaller. No surprise there.

Honda’s Small Car Strategy

Hundred Dollar bills stuffed in a car's gas tankWhat also is interesting is how seemingly stubborn stance to stick with its smaller, fuel-efficient cars – and void dabbling into the big truck or sport utility markets – is now paying dividends. Read more

How to Get the Low-Down on Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is one of the hottest topics these days.

Consumers are feeling the financial pinch at the pump, and for a totally different reason, environmentalists want less gas burned.

Regardless of the reason, people need to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles.

A pretty blond woman shrugging her shouldersOdds are good that you are in the same boat. Where can you learn more about your vehicle, or a car you want to buy?

Who Can You Trust?

The Internet can be a blessing – or a curse. 

Which information should you trust? 

Is what you’re reading coming from some huge company and the imagination of their spin doctors? Read more

Primer for Buying a Fuel-Efficient Car

Fight Gas Prices

Gas prices continue to break records, and stories about global warming are surfacing quickly after Al Gore kick-started the trend.

Many people have decided to fight back by buying fuel-efficient cars.

Are you among them?

Buy To Suit Your Lifestyle

Sleeping BagsIf you are interested in fighting gas prices then certainly you will be interested in the fuel economy of the car you want to buy.

However there also are other factors to consider.

You won’t want to buy a compact if you have a large family, or other needs such as carrying recreational gear. Good gas mileage is worthless if you have to make 3 trips to get the whole family there. Read more

Chrylser is going green with a hybrid division

Can Chrysler up their game by adding a hybrid division

Everyone is doing their part to preserve the environment, even the auto industry. Although they are dragging their feet for the cause, it seems like they are slowly realizing that they are going to have to take strides to clean up the planet and offer consumers alternative options to the gas burning engine.

Known for their larger cars and trucks Chrysler has some work to do, however if they can perfect the hybrid truck or SUV they will have a corner of the market as yet unconquered.

Chrysler hybrid logo

The Envi Division

Not only is Chrysler taking steps to give consumers more choices, they are straying from the heard and attempting to build alternative fuel vehicles from the ground up. Read more

Fuel efficient vehicles with the cool factor

With the price of gas what it is lately it’s time to purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle when you purchase something new or used.

For the moment petrol is a necessary evil, however there are many makes and models geared toward prolonging every drop. If you are looking for a fuel efficient vehicle, you’ve started in the right place!

Overall Most Fuel Efficient

Toyota Prius
It comes as no surprise that the Toyota Prius is the most fuel efficient car on the road today according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Toyota took ground breaking strides in development of this model which was the first mass produced hybrid on the market. it was introduced in Japan in 1997 and later in North America in 2001. Read more