Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Popularity Contest: Best Bets for Cash for Used Cars in Los Angeles

If you are ready to take on the process to sell a used car in the Greater Los Angeles area, take comfort in the fact that up to 17 million people live in the region – with a whopping 14 million drivers, an estimated 3.1 per household.

Getting good cash for used cars in Los Angeles should be easy…Right?

You Have to Sell What People Want

Ford F-Series TruckWell, it’s good to know which used cars are in demand. It goes without saying that your ability to get good cash for used cars in Los Angeles is limited if you’re looking to sell that ’69 VW van with the rusting roof. Read more

New Car Financing Feeling the Pinch

Can buying a new car be impacted by greedy home-lending practices the past two years?

Answer: you betcha, this could be one of the biggest stories nationwide

Recent media reports shed light into how lenders and consumers are reacting to the innumerable home foreclosures since late in 2006.

A Nation of Credit

A woman pinching her sideFor example, Automotive News reported that the average length of a new-car loan is 64 months, a considerable bump up from 2003’s 61-month loan average.

New car sellers are trying to tap into the market of consumers who are “payment driven,” meaning the monthly payment is more important to them than the overall cost of the car. Read more

Getting Cash for Used Cars in Southern California: Amazingly Easy

Southern California is sort of like the world’s “car zoo” – where there are innumerable samples of just about every car species out there.

Albeit, this zoo is overcrowded. Los Angeles has been called the “Car Capital of the World,” but in reality that could be said about all of Southern California.

Nobody Walks in L.A.

A young cheerleaderThe area is too spread out, greatly populated, and mass transit is sorely lacking. So everyone needs to own a car…or two, or three.

It’s also considerably expensive to live in Southern California, so individuals and families alike run into cash crises now and again. Read more

Underdogs in a Hybrid Vehicle World

Call them the underdogs of the hybrid vehicle movement, not many people know about them, but everyone should.

Some people who drive flex-fuel cars know they are saving gas but they don’t always know that they are in a FFV.

Luckily, their production and use is slowly picking up in the United States.

What is A FFV?

A low emissions car illustrationThe official name is flexible-fuel vehicles, or dual-fuel vehicles, for obvious reasons. They are alternative fuel cars using multi-fuel engines burning on gas and a second fuel source, most often ethanol. Read more

Cash for Used Cars: When Buying, and Selling

Back in 2003, Steve and Annette Economides started a financial-fitness-type newsletter, the HomeEconomiser, to help direct people to better manage their finances much like they had the previous 20 or so years.

It seems appropriate, considering their family surname name starts with the term “econo.”

America’s Cheapest Family

A car made of moneyToday they call themselves “America’s Cheapest Family,” a couple who paid their first mortgage off in nine years, as they started having children, by paying a bit more than was due every month. Read more

Dependability, the Automotive ‘D Word’

It’s been written and said so often, it’s reached a point of nausea.

We’ve even done it with our reliable used-car sales overview.

Reliability is a huge factor in the mind of any potential car buyer. It’s that peace-of-mind on Highway 395 through Bishop. Or for that matter, while rolling through Bakersfield, Baldwin Park, Brea or Barstow in California’s summer heat.

The D Word

A woman with a broken down carThe ability of a car to always start, and run, where and when needed.

Many don’t care what a vehicle looks like, or how it feels inside. The No. 1 question: will it start, and get me where I need to go? Read more