Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Iconic classic cars never go out of style

Countless mothers across America have told their children that whatever the trends, classic pieces will always be in style. Same goes for classic cars, some just never go out of style. In fact, some only get better with age.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang
The first Ford Mustang was created in Michigan in 1964. The humble beginnings of a cult classic.

Since then the Mustang has gone through five generations of the muscle car spirit. Having recently gone back to its roots style-wise, the newest fifth generation revealed in 2005 has a 60’s inspired style that is successfully bringing muscle back. Read more

California DMV Services

There are plenty of other reasons California drivers may need the DMV. Here we provide a quick reference guide to some of their other services, many of which benefit anyone buying, selling and/or driving a vehicle.

Car Buyers Bill of Rights

It is important to note that the following information applies only to transactions with dealers or dealerships. This information should not be used as reference for private transactions, motorcycles or off-road vehicles.

DMV series

The DMV offers a section dedicated solely to car buyers. This section offers: Read more

Buying a car and the California DMV

Buying a car is a big deal so it’s important to have checklist and all of the proper paperwork information prior to shopping.

This article will help you locate the information you need to cover yourself whether you are purchasing new from a dealership or used from a private party.

Protect yourself

DMV series

The following are several tips the DMV offers to car buyers for protecting themselves during the car purchasing process:

Know that there is no ‘cooling off’ period when you purchase a vehicle from a dealership. Be aware of the laws regarding new and used car purchases. Research the vehicle you want to buy so you have a clear idea of average pricing. Read your purchase contract until you understand it, before you sign it. Read your warranty until you are satisfied you understand it. Compare interest rates, shopping can surprise you. Be aware of the DMV registration fees you will be expected to pay. Be aware that on vehicle documents if the word ‘or’ appears between the names of two co-owners that gives one the right to sell the vehicle without consulting the other. Conversely, putting ‘and’ (or a /) between the names of both owners indicates the necessity for both parties to sign off on the sale of the vehicle. Last, if you are going to buy a vehicle out of state, be sure you know about any restrictions first.

Purchasing a car from a private party

Smiling girl with car keys

Obviously there are big differences in the way you must handle a transaction with a private seller as opposed to a dealership purchase. Read more

Use alternative fuel sources to snub big gas companies

Lets face it, eventually we will have to replace gasoline as the main energy source for our automobiles. Lucky for us there are already options we can utilize to help wean our country off our dependency on oil.

Most of these options have been available for years, unfortunately it has taken unstable world politics and an increase in the price of oil for us to collectively consider taking the leap into alternative fuel sources.
Green fuel

Here we have listed some of the fuel options we are faced with at the moment. Read more

Will Chrysler sell more cars with their new logo?

The recent split up of DaimlerChrysler has caused the newly single Chrysler to change their image to the pentastar logo featuring the words New Chrysler underneath. Think the new changes will help Chrysler sell more cars post-break up?

The new logo is shiny and updated and makes a simple yet bold statement. Refined by it’s partnership with Daimler Motors it seems that Chrysler is going to draw off that experience and contine to maintain a polished reputation.
The New Chrysler

The logo previous to this was adopted after the Daimler-Chrysler merger in 1998. Their existing logo was refined and given a sleeker apperance by the addition of chrome wings encasing the pre-union logo.
ChryslerChrysler Read more

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How to pick the best mechanic in town

Many of us wait until our car is billowing smoke, or dead on the shoulder of the 405 freeway to pick a mechanic. You might as well get caught with your pants down.

It’s important to stick to a schedule of routine maintenance, but there will always be unforseen circumstances when dealing with transportation. Plan for unfortunate events and take your time to pick a mechanic the right way.

Do a quick background check

No matter where you choose to take your car for maintenance, routine or otherwise you should at least do this minimum amount of research first, do a background check. Read more

Buy your teen a sweet ride

Buying a car is difficult enough for yourself, however buying the first car for your teen can be a real chore. Not only must you consider their wants and desires, you also must factor in safety, reliability and ease of use.

Ultimately as the parent or guardian you are responsible for guiding your teen in their first car purchase, whether or not you are willing to foot the bill. Make sure you are informed and can help them pick a good one.

Steps you should take

Clearly there are steps to any successful auto purchase and we have a whole article dedicated to avoiding the purchase of a lemon. Worth a look before you begin. Read more