Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Auto Trader in the information age

For a long time The Auto Trader was the only big car selling service there was, your other two options were dealerships and the newspaper classifieds.

Computers have changed that and made the automobile industry more accessible to the average joe.

The beauty of logo

One of our favorite sites for research, Auto Trader finishes first in the race of vehicle websites. It’s easy to get around and it makes sense even if you aren’t a web geek.

Their menu is straightforward:

  • Research and compare
  • Find your car
  • Sell your car
  • New cars
  • Car loans
  • Insurance
  • Simple right? It gets better because each section is well thought out, instructions are uncomplicated and results are easy.

    Research and compare

    Auto Trader offers so much in this section we can’t possibly list it all, but here are some highlights:

  • A new section with information on specific models
  • A search for vehicle specials in your area
  • Car comparisons
  • Reviews
  • A body style search, cool!
  • Automotive buying guides, information on trends and articles
  • Find your car

    The find your car section asks a few quick questions such as zip code and price range and bingo you have results in your area. They also give you an option to find local specials on the results.

    Sell your car

    When you place an ad with Auto Trader, not only are you listing with them, but they’ll list your vehicle with other big names like, Yahoo Autos and Netscape.

    Simply enter your zip code and they will get you their price list for your area.
    Stacked coins with red car

    New cars

    This section asks you the make and model and you are after and your zip code, then offers you obligation-free quotes on the vehicle you want. They don’t ask for payment information, they will not ding your credit and pricing comes from reliable networks.

    Car loans

    Their car loan page offers:

  • Rate information
  • A monthly payment calculator
  • New and Used auto loans ~ You can apply right there.
  • Auto refinancing ~ You can apply right there.
  • Insurance

    Their insurance page takes you right to Geico for a quote. Stick your zip code in the field and they will take you through the forms required to get a quote on your insurance. We tried it and Geico saved us over 100.00 a year.