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Renewing your license at the California DMV

Renewing is not as difficult as it used to be. In part probably to keep down wait time in the high volume DMVs of California.

By mail, internet or in person are the three options the DMV in California offers. If used right, each of these methods is a good option.

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Mail renewal

Good old fashioned snail mail works just fine if it saves us a trip to the DMV.

However it is important to start the mail renewal process at least 60 days prior to your license expiration date to ensure there is no lapse.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be under 70
  • Have a clean driving record
  • No warrants
  • Have not renewed more than once prior via mail
  • Internet renewal

    Errands are being made easier and easier with the help of the internet, the DMV errand is no exception.

    When you receive your renewal by mail it should have a renewal identification number. With that number you can go here and renew online providing you qualify.

    Qualifying is as simple as having:

    • Internet access
    • No changes of personal information
    • A social security number
    • A credit card

    Renewal in person


    Should you find yourself ineligible for the above two options and must go into the DMV, do yourself a favor and always make an appointment at your local DMV

    You only need one form, the DL 44 and you only need that if you don’t have the renewal notice that the DMV mailed to you.

    What they’ll ask for:

  • Your completed DL 44 Form. They will not accept a copy folks, you have to request one by phone and snail mail. 800-777-0133 will get you started
  • Your thumb print
  • You to smile for the camera
  • Your application fee
  • You to pass their vision exam
  • You to pass your written test should you need to, you get three shots at glory
  • You to show up prior to 4:30pm because after that they will turn you away
  • Name changes on your CADL

    Unfortunately changing your name on your drivers license requires a visit to your local DMV.

    Essentially you will have to fill out a DL 44 Form with your updated information, give your thumb print and your smile for the camera then open your wallet.

    Change of address

    When you move, let the DMV know. They make it easy these days, you have four options:

    1) Change it online

    2) Phone and postal mail. Call them at 800-777-0133, they will mail you an original and you must mail the original back to them, after you fill it out. **

    3) Download Form DMV 14, fill it out and mail it to the address they provide on the form. **

    4)Visit a DMV office, and complete the form. Be sure not to leave without getting your DL 43 Form to complete with your new information and carry with you.

    **If you utilize one of these methods, be sure to write or type your updated information on a piece of paper, sign and date it and carry it with your CADL.