Cash for Cars Selling Tips

California DMV Services

There are plenty of other reasons California drivers may need the DMV. Here we provide a quick reference guide to some of their other services, many of which benefit anyone buying, selling and/or driving a vehicle.

Car Buyers Bill of Rights

It is important to note that the following information applies only to transactions with dealers or dealerships. This information should not be used as reference for private transactions, motorcycles or off-road vehicles.

DMV series

The DMV offers a section dedicated solely to car buyers. This section offers:

Donor information

The DMV’s website also offers a section with organ and tissue donor information. It can save a life, so it’s worth the few minutes it takes to become a donor.

Partner information

Another handy section is the Business Partner Automation Program which offers information about many of the DMV services with regards to business vehicles.

Employer Information

Anyone who employs drivers for their business generally does a check on their employee’s driving record. The Employer Pull Notice Program keeps employeers up to date should a change occur with the DMV for any of their licensed employees.

Not only does this reduce employer liability and reveal unsafe or problem behavior, but it also keeps our roads safer.

The rest

In addition to the above information the DMV also offers the following list on their website. Most of these services are rarely needed by the average California driver, but should you need them, here they are:

Bottom line you may drive on California’s streets and highways your whole life and never have need of most of the above information, but if you need it now you know where to find it.