Cash for Cars Selling Tips

How to Get Cash for Used Cars in Oxnard, Ventura County’s Biggest City

 In Ventura County, Calif., if you need to sell a car fast, for cash, Oxnard weighs heavy because it has the most people of the county’s 10 incorporated cities.

Getting cash for used cars in Oxnard means you have a diverse population to tap, from people living in wealthy enclaves along the beach to suburban tracts on the outskirts to a quaint (and revitalizing) downtown core.

The city is home to thousands of cars because it is limited in transportation options. Most residents must drive often, whether to and from work, or just to shop or enjoy recreation opportunities.

Oxnard is rather spread out, so just getting from one end of town to the other can challenge your navigational skills – and patience depending on what time of day you need to do it. Read more

Older Drivers More Prevalent; Auto Industry Reacts

You may start noticing more and more slow drivers on local freeways, and it’s not because drivers are illegally talking on their cell phones while monitoring their rear-view mirrors for cops.

The number of Americans age 55 to 74 is projected to nearly double by 2030, and already we’re seeing signs that the Baby Boomer generation is reaching senior-citizen status.

A young 50's woman blowing a bubble

The Baby Boomer’s Influence on the Auto Industry

Not that it’s a bad thing. These folks grew up in a post-World War II era when Americans were so happy about not being in a terrible war that they thrived, had large families and bought suburban homes. Read more

The Cars versus Bikes Battle Drags On

In 2008 it’s bad enough that consumers are punishing carmakers by holding off on new purchases – not the fault of automakers, per se, as oil companies and mortgage bankers carry a good chunk of the blame.

Nonetheless automakers are taking substantial and prolonged hits, perhaps equaling damages sustained by the homebuilding industry.

And when you’re down, look out for antagonists ready to pounce.

Auto Industry is taking A Beating

A bike and a car racingEnvironmentalists, no-growth advocates and bicycle riders alike seem to be relishing the opportunity to kick a dying dog. Everyone who ever hated cars is chipping in. Read more

Too Many Top-Ten Lists for Cars

In the late 1970s and into the 1980s, a book that became a phenomenon was the “Book of Lists,” which included hundreds of lists on arcane subjects such as famous people who died during sex, or people misquoted by Ronald Reagan.

The series was compiled by best-selling author Irving Wallace with two of his children, and while top-ten lists existed previously, Wallace’s book seemed to trigger an onslaught of lists in all forms of media.

A Trend That Caught Hold

David Letterman Top 10 Advertisement

Starting with David Letterman’s “Top Ten List” and continuing with lists by hundreds upon hundreds of bloggers, it’s a phenomenon that doesn’t appear to be fading any time soon. Read more