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Will Chrysler sell more cars with their new logo?

The recent split up of DaimlerChrysler has caused the newly single Chrysler to change their image to the pentastar logo featuring the words New Chrysler underneath. Think the new changes will help Chrysler sell more cars post-break up?

The new logo is shiny and updated and makes a simple yet bold statement. Refined by it’s partnership with Daimler Motors it seems that Chrysler is going to draw off that experience and contine to maintain a polished reputation.
The New Chrysler

The logo previous to this was adopted after the Daimler-Chrysler merger in 1998. Their existing logo was refined and given a sleeker apperance by the addition of chrome wings encasing the pre-union logo.

Pre-merger the Chrysler logo evoked images of Detroit’s auto plants and the workers within. The design was simple and the colors bold.

Often times a break up is what we need to revamp our image and make necessary changes. Welcome to single life Chrysler, the new logo looks nice and we hope it will help you sell more cars.

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