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Iconic classic cars never go out of style

Countless mothers across America have told their children that whatever the trends, classic pieces will always be in style. Same goes for classic cars, some just never go out of style. In fact, some only get better with age.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang
The first Ford Mustang was created in Michigan in 1964. The humble beginnings of a cult classic.

Since then the Mustang has gone through five generations of the muscle car spirit. Having recently gone back to its roots style-wise, the newest fifth generation revealed in 2005 has a 60’s inspired style that is successfully bringing muscle back.

With retro pin striping and an array of color options, the new Mustang evokes romantic images of Steve McQueen and burly car chases.

Consistently well reviewed, the Mustang is a solid sports car that has always had its own classic, iconic style.

Ford F Series Pickup Trucks

Another Ford classic, and as it should be considering Ford was the father of the truck.
Ford F Series Truck

The F series was born in 1948, (that’s almost sixty years ago folks), and has always offered many different models in its F series line. Lets face it, pickup drivers run the gamut and utilize their vehicles in many different ways.

The F series truck makes up almost half of Ford Motor Company’s profits in the more recent years, its sales prove Henry Ford a very smart man indeed.

On its eleventh generation the pickup continues to stay popular enough to warrant the release of the super duty pickups introduced in 1999, rumored to be planning the release of the newest generation in 2008.

Chevy Corvette

Chevy Corvette
Chevy’s Corvette is the sports car dreams are made of for many a teen boy.

Today it is built only in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky in the hopes of keeping it as pure and American as its lineage would demand.

Since 1953 Chevrolet has been producing these simple, honest American sports cars for everyman USA. An emphasis on simplicity is inherent in it’s design.

This has led to the criticism of being unrefined when compared to its European performance counterparts. How very American that makes it, infused with big, loud, boisterous American spirit.

Chevy Camaro

Chevy Camero

The Camaro has always been a most studly muscle car. One you’d expect to see revving its engine at a red stoplight, steel vibrating impatiently for that split second the driver pounces.

Introduced in 1967, the Camero left skid marks for 35 years until popularity bowed and production ended in 2002.

For all the Camero enthusiasts out there, there is hope. The 2006 North American International Auto Show introduced the fifth generation Camero concept. A beautifully stylish adaptation on an old favorite.

Expect to see this beauty in production by 2009.


No one can deny the supreme off road royalty of the Jeep name.

Like so many vehicles of its type the Jeep was originally formulated for the armed services and this iconic terrain crawler was initially built by the lowest bidder.

The first model built in 1945 was the CJ-2A, the daddy of all Jeeps and a direct descendant to all of their models today.

Although a need for modern luxury has driven the market to insist on a little more luxury in their off roading vehicles, the Jeep manages to hold onto its utilitarian roots and stay tough as well as pretty.

VW Beetle

VW Beetle
A vehicle with a mottled history, this is one make and model that is still seen in droves on the streets of California and other warm climates, the engine heated cabin being less than desirable in snowy climates.

Having rolled off the production line in 1938, the VW beetle with its undeniably weird styling, signature sounding engine and lack of any real horsepower managed to become a lasting symbol of German workmanship.

The popular Beetle model was produced until 1998 in most of the world, and finally in 2003 production ended worldwide.

VW introduced the New Beetle in 1998, stylistically it is similar to the original, however in every other sense the car is modernized and updated.

Sadly not a taste of the smelly, noisy old Beetle exists in its modern counterpart.

Very few cars today will have the lasting power that these models have exhibited throughout the twentieth century, each one is to be respected and admired for its lasting power both in the market and on the street.