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Resurgence of the Mid-Size Sedan

In this era of downsizing automobiles to improve fuel economy, not everyone is quite ready to squeeze themselves or their family into a Prius.

Mid-size sedans might not be able to compete directly with the hybrids and compact cars out there, but they can present good bang for your buck if you still need passenger and cargo space without the crappy gas mileage of sport utility vehicles.

Middle of the Road

A desert roadwayThe mid-size sedan is and has been a fixture on American roadways for quite some time. They often top lists of the nation’s best-selling automobiles. Read more

Solar-Powering the Automobile?

A recent leak from Toyota Motor Corp revealed the Japanese company’s plans to put solar panels on some Prius hybrid vehicles during its next remodeling, expected in 2009.

Solar power in cars? Sure, it’s only to power a portion of the air-conditioning on fully loaded Prius versions, but an interesting concept nonetheless.

Certainly it’s food for thought today when record high gas prices and a burgeoning desire for more “green” cars has many car lovers looking for the next big thing.

Is Solar Power Realistic?

2 hair-dryers2 hair-dryersIt’s very doubtful that solar power is the next big thing for cars. Solar panels are expensive, and storing the energy is not easy. Read more

Chrysler Stubbornly Sticks with Big

Recently this blog reported how Honda sales have been thriving due in no small part to the company’s insistence on staying small, that is, focusing on smaller more fuel-efficient vehicles.

That as opposed to producing more sport utility vehicles, trucks and the like…the so-called gas guzzlers.

The decision made Honda look smart as a company as gas prices rocket upward.

Chrysler Tries A Different Approach

Worker in an auto factoryOn the flip side, the Associated Press reported June 30 that Chrysler plans to close a St. Louis-area factory and drop a shift from another plant due to falling demand for minivans and pickup trucks. Read more

Feds to Skyrocket Prices of New Cars?

Previously this blog discussed the true overall cost of owning a car, everything from initial purchase price to gas to maintenance, repairs and more.

One thing we forgot: ever-changing government regulations.

The Associated Press reported July 1 that a lobbying group of automakers are protesting a federal agency’s goal to increase fuel economy standards significantly by 2015.

Such stories often go unnoticed by the motoring public because people tend to think anything beyond 2009 is a long ways off. Read more