Cash for Cars Selling Tips

Wheeling Through Graduation Time

The end of spring means graduation season – and parents wishing to give something special to sons and daughters for completing years of studies.

What says “Good job!” better than a brand new car?

A cute female college student in graduation gown

What to Buy Your Graduate

Gift suggestions for recent grads are all over the media. 

The newspapers and even television executives understand the profitability of this a season.

Advertisers will pay big bucks to promote sales and deals around tassel time.

A relatively brief perusal of recent news provides insight into which type of car is best for fast-growing young adults. Read more

Women Driving the Car-Sale Market

With cars, conventional wisdom would suggest that women prefer safe vehicles, while men are drawn by power.

This generality is not always the case.

Safety and reliability are high on every car buyers list, man, woman, single or married.

More Than Just Consumers

A pretty woman with shopping bags and a hand full of cashWomen have been instrumental within the auto industry when it comes to safety. In fact, it was first lady Elizabeth Dole whose suggestion resulted in the first use of the rear-window brake light.

Not to mention that a woman invented windshield wipers.

Women also desire power in a vehicle, enough to trust over mountains, and to haul what is needed to get from place to place. They are also aware of style and color when selecting a vehicle. Read more

Dictating the Hues: Consumers, Technology Changing Car Colors

The Color of your car can say a lot about you.

The way technology is advancing, someday you’ll be able to change the color of your vehicle depending upon your mood.

Until then automakers are wowing consumers with a wide assortment of interesting colors.


For the 40th anniversary of its CL65 AMG, Mercedes-Benz announced the limited use of a new color that takes its traditional silver to a new realm.

The new Alubeam is said to gleam like liquid metal and appear to have been stretched over the car’s body. The effect would be emphasizing the 2008 coupe’s eye-attracting lines. Read more

More Autobuyers Turning to the Warranty and Peace of Mind

It’s hard to imagine anything more frustrating to your everyday flow of life than a car failure. 

A vehicle that breaks down or won’t start is disruptive to regular daily routines and the best-laid plans.

When you can’t get to where you need to go you are forced to arrange alternative transportation. Then there’s the unknowns: the cost; and can you trust the mechanic and their recommendations?

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The Changing Face of the Warranty

Insurance to limiting your hassle is the warranty. Generally associated with new cars, warranties have grown in popularity and now often cover used cars. Read more