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What the color of your car says about you

Our lives are filled with color, from our carpet to our walls, our clothing to our transportation color is a large part of life.

Everyone has colors they are partial to, Color wheeland colors they can’t stand to look upon.

If you think about it, the color you choose for your automobile can say a lot about you as a person.

We researched a bit about color and how it translates to personality.


Yellow is a color generally associated with sunny optimism, warmth, and a verve for life.
Ford Ranger

A yellow car would signify cheery idealism and an extroverted personality in its driver. With most brands the main yellow seller would be the sports cars, flashy and fast.

While yellow may vary from a diluted metallic to a bright canary they all say essentially the same thing about their owner, yellow is a color for someone who wants to be noticed.


Blue is known for its tranquility and calmness, a cool color that has been proven to actually help calm people.
Dodge Ram 1500

Those who gravitate towards those colors tend to be mellow on the whole, which in turn will make them more cautious and deliberate. Blue is also known for its versatility, so it follows that one who prefers a blue car is not only a cautious driver, but one who can acclimate quickly to change.

Almost any make and model can be found in one blue tone or another, although you will notice that very few sports cars come in any shade of blue.


It has been said that people who drive red cars drive faster and are more prone to speeding tickets.
Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

This is a myth, but it stems from truth. Like yellow, many of the red cars we see are sports cars, hence the birth of the red car myth. Red is a high energy color that symbolizes thinking on ones feet, (speed fits nicely in that category.)

Chances are those who prefer a red car will have type A personality tendencies and an irrepressible zest for life. Again like yellow, red gets you noticed, it simply demands attention.


All the research we found indicates that green cars are chosen by those who have hysterical tendencies.
Ford F150
Green signifies loyalty, control and an agreeable nature.

Considering its roots and the feelings this cool color evokes this seems contradictory to the research on the color itself.

Green is the fresh color of spring, a color that pervades the landscape of the tropics. How then does it attract hysterical drivers? Contrary to my personal beliefs, it is shown to be one of the more dangerous colors, more likely to get into accidents than both yellow and red, something to consider.


Black symbolizes success, elegance and power. Most limousines are black, indicating high status, and class as they cut quietly though the night. Dodge Durango

Surprisingly enough it has been shown that black cars are most likely to be in an accident.

Owners of black cars tend to be aggressive drivers and have a rebel streak that they find hard to squelch. It makes sense when you consider that the danger-loving ‘bad guy’ in most Westerns rides a black horse.

Silver and Gray

Silver and gray are almost interchangeable and tend to be considered tame colors, some might even say bland.
Audi RS4

Those that drive a silver or gray car are said to be calm, cool and even aloof, however they are also said to have more accidents than drivers of either yellow or red cars.

Perhaps because they are so calm they are not paying attention to those more aggressive colored cars on the road?


White is the absence of color. It stands for purity and innocence in the American culture, and while our villain took off on a black horse, the hero that chased him rode a white one.
Porsche 911 Carrera

Studies suggest that the owner of a white vehicle is a status seeker and an extrovert.

This author is the proud owner of a white vehicle, mainly because it doesn’t show dirt as bad as darker colors can, nor does it absorb the heat of the Southern California sun.

Perhaps these reasons make the driver of a white car the most intelligent of them all.

To review every color of the rainbow would take years, but the above is a great cross section of what the color of your car says about you.

25 thoughts on “What the color of your car says about you

  1. Sam

    Interesting discussion. I think emergency vehicles are either red, yellow or white because they are easier to see. I would think – and actually speak from experience – that black and grey cars blend in with the color of the road so are more difficult to see. I guess I am more interested in the safety issues. I have owned two white cars – no accidents, no tickets.

  2. nighten61

    proud owner of a white vehicle. Last 3 cars have been white. my reasons for buying are the same as yours (except for sun being in texas. otherwise the studies are way off

  3. Emmie

    ok, I drive silver because it was what I could afford at the time. I prefer white or black…depending on the part of the country I am in. and what about purple or orange?

  4. Karla Gatton

    This is all a nice psychologically inspired idea, but these statements do NOT take into consideration that most of Americans cannot afford to “special order” their cars, leading to the conclusion that this data only applies to the wealthy. I personally have not had an option of what color the vehicle was when I bought my vehicle due to my limited financial resources, therefore, I don’t feel that the color of my car defines my personality.

  5. Anthony

    I own a red car and tend to drive fast and have gotten a speeding ticket, so this was good insight on reasoning to give my parents for why I have gotten a speeding ticket!!
    this is all ssupertition though I must say. We don’t always get to pick our car colors when we get handmedowns!
    I prefer black.

  6. hotspur

    Mercedes did a study many years ago on this subject. My recollection of it was that it all had to do purely with visibility. The most highly visible colour is Industrial Yellow, that greenish shade beloved of emergency personnel (that alone should tell you something).
    The very worst colour for a car is dark red or maroon. Apparently due to the way the receptors in the eye work, that colour becomes virtually invisible dim light i.e. dusk and early morning. You can observe this for yourself by noting the colour of your ‘near misses’, those cars that seemed to ‘spring’ out of nowhere in dim light’.

  7. J. W.

    I find that White vehicles are the preference for business vehicles, I’m guessing because decals and names can be seen easily. At the same time I have had several white trucks (the price was right) and through personal experience, I find that white vehicles are cut off and forced to stop or slow down for other vehicles more than any other color I have driven.

  8. Vince

    I drive a red car, and I don’t speed at all. Where I live the speed limit is 90 and everyone gets out of my way. Earlier today I stopped and had some sushi made out of chopped up bits of angel prepared in a heaven sauce, and then curled upon the couch with my girlfriend, Isabeli Fontana.

  9. AdminPaige Post author

    Purple, orange, gold cars? That’s for a later article.

    The only people who get more speeding tickets in their red cars are the ones who drive too fast.

    And Jacob, perhaps you should consider public transportation…

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