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Kelley Blue Book does it’s homework

We know how boring research is, especially when the information is hard to find, inefficiently organized or requires work. Websites may promise good information, but if it’s difficult to find who cares how helpful it is?
Girl at Laptop is in the process of putting together our own review section, and we promise it will be easy to use. Unfortunately until then you are stuck with the other guys.

Because we care we did put together this handy guide to our secret sources. Websites we use in our own research, all of them credible sources which are easy to navigate.

Kelley has been pricing cars a long time

Who wouldn’t trust the Kelley Blue Books advice when it comes time to purchase a new or used vehicle? They have been an Irvine-based online guideline for people looking to buy or sell a car for over ten years.

According to Wikipedia, Kelley Blue Book was founded in 1918 in Los Angeles by none other than Les Kelley. Kelley started his dealership with 3 Model T’s and the help of his 13 year old brother.

He stocked his dealership by circulating a list of cars he wanted to purchase and the most he was willing to pay for them. These lists soon became a solid market value source used by banks and car dealerships alike.

Helpful tools and information

Not only will the blue book tell you how much your car is worth, it’ll give you a good reason why. Their review section gives recommendations, as well as large section devoted to popular models.

The KBB also offers a car finding tool. It asks basic questions about preferences and slowly weeds out options that wouldn’t interest you narrowing down your field of research.

Once you’ve got things narrowed down to several choices worth researching, check out their list of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and luxury vehicles most researched on their website.

Then just point and click and you have immediate access to a Blue Book Review, J.D. Power ratings, a projected 5 year cost of ownership, and safety ratings, as well as additional owners reviews submitted by readers.

The Kelley Blue Book website is a good place to start or end when you want to buy or sell a car.