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Time Magazine’s 50 Worst cars of all time 1975-1978

Time Magazine’s Worst cars of 1975-1978

Time Magazine tackled a monumental task by narrowing down the worst of the worst vehicles ever made. They compiled a list of 50 Worst cars of all time broken down by the years they were produced.

Here is the ninth installation of articles targeting the bottom feeders of the automotive world.

Aston Martin Lagonda 1976

Aston Martin Lagonda
Image from Time

Designed by William towns the Aston Martin Lagonda is a four door edition on the Worst 50 cars of all time.

It’s not the long, boxy design that got it on this list though, it was the horrible mechanical engineering that went along with it.

Aston Martin meant well, they wanted to build a computer-driven high-tech luxury vehicle. Unfortunately they were a little too far ahead of their time and the maintenance was impossible to keep up with, even for the rich and famous the manufacturer catered to.

Chevy Chevette 1976

Chevy Chevette
Image from Time

This silly looking late-70’s model Chevette is yet another of the hatchback uglies that came out of the 1970’s era.

This car wasn’t particularly horrible in any specific aspect, but there was nothing special about it at all.

It was Chevy’s replacement for the Vega aimed at fighting the import market, but it’s dated rear wheel drive layout made it a poor seller and a totally unremarkable little vehicle.

AMC Pacer 1978

AMC Pacer
Image from Time

Made famous by the Queen serenade scene in the movie Wayne’s World the AMC Pacer is another ugly 70’s hatch back with a cult following.

Perhaps due to it’s movie fame, or perhaps due to it’s signature profile, the Pacer is a car people love to hate.

Imagine all the glass on this design on a hot summer day, doesn’t look so fun once it hits 115 degrees inside that sucker.

Designed by the same Richard Teague of AMC Gremlin fame, it can only be noted that the man had a thing for odd-shaped hatch backs.