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How much of your life is spent in traffic?

Ever thought about how much time you spend in traffic?

Anyone that is forced to commute has to wonder just how much time they spend sitting in traffic. If you added up all the hours spent in your vehicle driving to or from work, how long would it really be?

Some people are lucky and live near their work, but most of us sit in traffic for hours before work and after. In fact the numbers of people who communte twice daily to get to work is staggering at best.

How much time do you spend in traffic?

The facts

Sitting in traffic
It turns out that the average American spends approximately 34 hours a year commuting in their cars and the average Californian spends closer to 82.

The overabundance of cars on the road actually costs us $78 billion a year drained from us between 4.2 billion lost hours and 2.9 billion wasted gallons of fuel.

In large metropolitan areas the average cost for the average traveler can was over $1000, and that was in 2005.

The report

The Texas Transportation Institute compiled an Annual Urban Mobility Report for 2007 which offers some staggering facts to anyone who owns a car.

The report covers almost every aspect of traffic and commuting, and it’s impact on the commuters. The report includes:

  • A press release
  • Summery tables of congestion levels and trends found within the report
  • Congestion data by city
  • Even a Q & A section
  • The Mobility Report is worth a look, it may even make you decide to find a job closer to home.

    What it means

    It means we spend too much time in our cars.

    Between an 8 hour workday and then a commute, not only are we spending all of our money and destroying our planet, but we are spending way too much time driving.

    The solution? Carpooling, public transportation, working closer to home and even telecommuting if possible.

    Our commuting impact on global warming and pollution levels is real and something that we are all responsible for. It is time to take steps to remedy all of the wasted money, time and resources.

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