Cash for Cars Selling Tips

4 Great Ways of Making Your Used Car More Sellable To a Buyer


Selling a car can be a difficult process as you have to try and work out how much it is worth and also how much your buyers think it is worth. If you are currently in the process of trying to sell your car, then this article will give you 4 great ways of making your car more attractive to a potential buyer.

Fix any necessary repairs

Although it may sound counterproductive, spending money on your car enables you to increase your asking price, resulting in more money in your back pocket. When looking for a car, a lot of people will want to purchase something that is going to provide them with hassle free motoring for as long as possible. If you have a dirty air filter or a damaged wheel bearing, it is best to get these repairs fixed before trying to sell as it will only put potential buyers off. If the repair is likely to cost you more than you will get back for the car, then it may be worth taking it to your local scrapyard or car exchange broker to see how much they will offer you.

Give it a good clean

There are a lot of people that will not see the point in spending time and money on cleaning a car when they are trying to sell it. However, there is a real benefit in doing this as not only will your car look a hundred times better after a good clean, it will also sell a lot quicker than you think. By giving the bodywork, wheels, windows and interior a thoroughly good clean, you will make sure that the car is looking its best as well as smelling fresh and clean. This can only be a plus point to a potential buyer as no one wants to buy a dirty car, littered with rubbish and covered in dust.

Take lots of photos

If you are posting an advert for your car online, then you need to take lots of photos in order to give a potential buyer an idea of what condition your used car is in. If it has any damage or scratches make sure that you take a picture of them as it will make you look like a more trustworthy person to buy from. Photographs are not just limited to negative points as if there is a stunning or attractive feature on your car that you want to showcase, make sure that you take a photo of this too.

List everything you can

Although you may get carried away listing all of the positive aspects of your car, make sure that you make an extensive list of all the faults or problems with the car as well, no matter how much it might put off a potential buyer. People are more willing to expect a car if the seller has listed all of its faults as they know what to expect when they take a look at it.

By following these tips, you are sure to be able to sell your car for the right price quickly and easily.