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I am the type of person who thinks everything in life should be hassle free, but when I think about where to sell my car in Sacramento I have a slight panic attack. Where do I start? When I ask my friends where to sell my car in Sacramento, California the first thing they suggest is linking up with people through online classified ads. The problem with that solution is that I don’t live in the capital city of California so I can spend all of my free time meeting with randoms in parking lots instead of getting coffee with my best friends in Old Sacramento or Sutter’s Fort. I actually began wondering where to sell my car in Sacramento when I was driving it down the cobbled streets of the Old Sacramento district and I realized I need to be driving something much smaller and lighter and newer. I had to get rid of my car.

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Sacramento Tower Bridge

Sacramento Tower Bridge

So I decided I needed to do more than talk to friends who had been frustrated by a process I did not want to allow to aggravate me, and I began to research all of the options about where to sell my car in Sacramento, CA but it was hard to focus. I have a beautiful car that any collector would adore in perfect condition, but it was a gift from my parents and simply doesn’t suit my lifestyle. It guzzles gas, is a pain to have fixed and attracts way too much attention from car buffs! I started to browse online classifieds, looking for people who were looking for my car and my mind would drift to thoughts of all the beauty happening on stage at The Sacramento Ballet I was missing just to do this research so I could be more comfortable driving there in the future. I realized in searching where to sell my car in Sacramento that I wanted to be able to eliminate too much thought about who I would be selling the car to.


When I first thought about where to sell my car in Sacramento, California I could only come up with meeting places for the people I might be trying to sell my car to. Most of the people interested in my car would be wealthy, established folks who knew about cars and would be starting their collection with my car or would be adding to an existing collection. My ex-boss said if she were looking where to sell my car in Sacramento, CA she would start at Biba’s Restaurant, swing over to the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra and end the night with a cocktail somewhere special with nothing more than a “for sale” sign in the window. Did I mention I am anxious around people I don’t know, especially those who approach me wanting to buy my car for much less than it is worth? Cruising was not going to work as a solution for where to sell my car in Sacramento

By: Derek Emery

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