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Factors taking into account for the price of your used car

When it comes to pricing a car that you are selling, there are many different factors to take on board. It is unlikely that any potential buyer, even buyers for online companies such as has the time to give a car a thorough test and examination. This is where knowing the key factors that should be taken into account for the price of your used car can be very important when selling your car. When you know what is important, you can pay particular attention to these elements. This should help you to receive a better price for your car.

Mechanical features of your vehicle

There are a number of mechanical features that will impact on the price of your car. The miles it has covered, the age of the car, the service history, the fuel economy it revives and even the overall condition of the car will have an impact. If you haven’t taken care of your car during the time of owning it, there is not going to be too much you can do at this stage to influence these factors. The miles on the clock are what you have to go with and if the service history of your car is chequered, there is not a lot you can do about that. It is possible to carry out a service on your car and show that it is in good current condition but many cars value will depend on its overall history.

This factor is no bad thing because it rewards drivers that look after their car properly and this is something that should always be remembered when you own a car. Looking after a car properly will enhance its ability to perform in the present day but it can also bring benefits when it is time to sell the car.

The age and experience

The age of the car is one thing but many experts in the field will be able to look at a car and instantly tell how old it is and how well it has been driven over this period of time. This is an area that again will benefit the drivers that have properly looked after their car. However, there are average3 valuations placed on cars that are over 6 months old and there will generally be three levels. One for cars that have been well looked after, one for cars that are in average condition and one for cars that have been poorly looked after. The stark difference between the high end and low end valuations should serve as a warning to people that it pays to look after their car.

The popularity of the car

The basic laws of economics with supply and demand come into play with the price a car can expect to reach. If your car is in high demand but there are not too many similar cars on the market, you will find that the lack of supply will push up the price of the car. Conversely, if there are many cars similar to your available on the market, it is likely that the price will be lower. This is because it is easy for potential buyers to pick up a car that is like yours.

The speed you wish to sell at

If you are in a hurry to sell your car quickly, you will find that this weakens your bargaining power and will likely result in your car being sold for a lower price than what it could have been. If you are in no hurry to sell, you can use this to your advantage and hold out for a more attractive offer.

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