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Cash For Cars in Maryland! Who’s buying cars in Baltimore?

You may know that the city of Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland, but do you know how to find out who buys cars in Baltimore? No matter where a person lives or what kind of car they are trying to sell, there is a company or individual who buys cars in Baltimore nearby. Researching car buyers can be tricky, but by utilizing a few tips and a little patience anyone can find a company who buys cars in Baltimore, MD that will meet their needs. Our company can handle all your car selling needs in the entire State of Maryland Read more

Every Month of the Year We Buy Cars in Dallas

Every month of the year is a month we buy cars in Dallas, making it easy to plan for life instead of feeling pressured to sell. Fortunately, the city is booming with businesses and we buy cars in Dallas, Texas from executives within many sectors. The size of the city puts it in the top five metropolitan areas in the country, and when we boast that we buy cars in Dallas we can say we are doing business in the largest metropolitan area in the South. When you are in Dallas you have more options than listing a car in a local newspaper or an online classified ad. We are the original Cash For Cars company and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Read more

Selling a Used Car with the Customer Service Advantage

The task of selling a used car today seems to have gotten easier. New-car sales are in the dump, and car dealerships are more apt to offer better deals than during the harried economic climate at the start of the century.

Add this to the pros if you’re in the market to sell a used car: customer service. Those who buy cars for a living are treating sellers and buyers alike much better.

Reports in the media abound. Said an auto dealership co-owner to the St. Petersburg Times in Florida in early November, 2008: “We know customers are the most important aspect, they are our lifeblood. Our job is to make customers happy, and then they keep coming back. They feel they know us, they trust us. It’s not like an adversarial scenario. They pick out car, and we see what we can do to make a good deal.” Read more

Buy a New Car – Because You Saw It On TV?

 Has anyone noticed the slew of car placements on television shows this new fall season?

“Knight Rider” returned for the fall, yet this time the talking car KITT is no longer a Pontiac Trans Am as in the original 1980s series. It seems Ford pitched its case strongly, and its Shelby Mustang is now the lead character.

Chrysler secured its new Ram pickup for prominent placement on two shows: Fox-TV’s “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and on NBC’s program “America’s Toughest Jobs” reality show. The Ram also will be focused in regular advertising during the programs, of course. Read more

Sell a Used Car 101 – Don’t Forget the Wheels

 The business of new wheels for cars has become a multi-billion-dollar venture. Motorists more and more are swapping out old stock wheels for something with more style or for a better ride.

If you are starting the process to sell a used car and want to spruce up its look for potential buyers, there are multiple options.

Many car owners go for bigger, rather lavish new wheels for style, and to be different. With so many Toyota Camrys out on the road today, for example, and often the same color, why not make yours stick out from the crowd? Read more

Happy Easter from the folks at!

Where did the Easter Bunny and its basket of eggs come from anyway?

In ancient Egypt and Persia the egg and was a symbol of new life, the exchange of eggs a tradition symbolic of rebirth. Rabbits also symbolized rebirth to the Egyptians, to them the rabbit was a symbol of the moon.

That symbolism perservered into modern times and was adopted by Christianity to help celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The Easter Bunny delivers the eggs and the date of Easter itself is determined by the phases of the moon. Read more

A new look

Welcome to, the fastest and easiest way to sell a car on the web. The purpose of our new blog is to offer tips which will ensure that your car is in the best possible health when it’s time to sell, which in turn will help you get the highest price for your used vehicle.

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Everyone has had to sell a car at some point or another and it has never been an easy task, until now. At cash 4 used cars the goal is to help you sell your car as quickly and painlessly as possible. Read more