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Time Magazine’s 50 Worst cars of all time 1958

Time Magazine’s Worst cars of 1958

Time Magazine tackled a monumental task by narrowing down the worst of the worst vehicles ever made. They compiled a list of 50 Worst cars of all time broken down by the years they were produced.

Here is the fifth installation of articles targeting the bottom feeders of the automotive world.

Ford Edsel 1958

Ford Edsel
Image from Time

The Ford Edsel is one of the vehicles on this list that probably everyone has heard of at some point or another. It was ungainly, got terrible gas mileage and it cost way too much.

The Ford marketing team talked the Edsel up to be better than sliced bread. The car itself was not well received, which could be because the front grill resembled a part of the female reproductive system that in the 50’s was not so publically celebrated. Read more

Vehicle graveyards, a good reason to buy used

Buy used to keep cars out of vehicle graveyards

It’s no secret that even cars eventually go somewhere to die. The environmental footprint of each vehicle on this planet lasts much longer than just the time it is in your posession. Buying used cars keeps vehicles circulating, keeps the used market up and hopefully slows down the market for building more new cars which will eventually need a resting place too.

Vehicle resting places

'the graveyard'-loenora wa-b&w Probably everyone can remember seeing old, rusted cars rotting away on the side of roads, on the side of houses, even in boneyards where big machines mash them into cubes to make the best use of space. Read more