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Toyota Tacoma – Staying Atop the List of Used Compact Trucks

When it comes to comparing the best used compact trucks to buy or sell, the Toyota Tacoma often tops the list. 

The reasons are evident, a strong reputation for reliability, a mother company known for delivering quality vehicles, and plenty of choices. 

Buyers envy these attributes, and sellers are aware of the demand.

Built to Last

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Durability and quality are important to consider for Toyota Tacomas purchased this century. 

Toyota TacomaGas prices are driving owners to sell their SUVs and pickup trucks, and used car buyers don’t want to take unreliability along with large bills at the pump.  Read more

Save money, drive your car to death

Driving your car to the end can save you money

Let’s face it, most of us would upgrade the vehicle if we could. Very few people drive their dream car, only the lucky ones really.

It makes sense that as we make our way down the path of life we will continue to upgrade the vehicle that carries us much of the time.

Consumer Reports uncovered some interesting facts that every car owner should be aware of.

You could save some serious cash

Save moneyKeeping your car for 15 years or for 225,000 miles can save you over 30 grand. It turns out that most people trade in about every five years so these findings are based on upgrading to a new, identical model every five years. Read more

Vehicle graveyards, a good reason to buy used

Buy used to keep cars out of vehicle graveyards

It’s no secret that even cars eventually go somewhere to die. The environmental footprint of each vehicle on this planet lasts much longer than just the time it is in your posession. Buying used cars keeps vehicles circulating, keeps the used market up and hopefully slows down the market for building more new cars which will eventually need a resting place too.

Vehicle resting places

'the graveyard'-loenora wa-b&w Probably everyone can remember seeing old, rusted cars rotting away on the side of roads, on the side of houses, even in boneyards where big machines mash them into cubes to make the best use of space. Read more

Les Kelley and his Blue Book

Everyone has heard of the Blue Book, the Bible of car pricing. Seriously, who hasn’t checked the Blue Book value of their own car?

Ever wondered how it all started? How the Bible of car prices came to be a guide used by banks, car dealerships and consumers alike as the market value guide for all things automotive?Blue trailer

We did a little research and decided to share the inspiring story of Les Kelley and his brother Buster.

The Kelley Roots

Les Kelley was a guy with an affinity for mechanics, in fact he used his understanding of all things mechanical to earn his way through college. He bought old cars, reconditioned them and sold them for a profit. Read more